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Spain: Songs released for Benidorm Fest

Spanish broadcaster RTVE has released the 14 songs competing in their national selection process, Benidorm Fest.

The songs are exclusively available on the RTVE website and features the artists previously announced:

  • Azúcar Moreno - 'Postureo'

  • Blanca Paloma - 'Secreto del agua'

  • Chanel - 'Slo mo'

  • Gonzalo Hermida - 'Quién lo diría'

  • Javiera Mena - 'Culpa'

  • Luna Ki - 'Quiero Morir'

  • Marta Sango - 'Sigues en mi mente'

  • Rayden - 'Calle de la llorería'

  • Rigoberta Bandini - 'Ay Mama'

  • Sara Deop - 'Make you say'

  • Tanxugueiras - 'Terra'

  • Unique - 'Mejores'

  • Varry Brava - 'Raffaella'

  • Xeinn - 'Eco'

Among the artists are the former Eurovision performers - Azúcar Moreno They are a duo made up of the two sisters Toñi and Encarna Salazar, who competed at Eurovision in 1990 with 'Bandido' (and who infamously had the music playback issue and had to restart).

The Benidorm Fest artists will compete in two live semi-finals with four qualifiers from each going through to the final. The contest will take place towards the end of January with dates still to be confirmed.

You can find out more about the artists competing here.


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