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Spain: Aussievision's Benidorm Fest rankings 1st to 14th

Earlier this week the Spanish broadcaster RTVE revealed the 14 songs competing in their national selection, Benidorm Fest.

Although the contest won't be held until late January, thirteen members of the Aussievision team voted on our favourites using the traditional Eurovision scoring system.

The full results, including comments from the contributors, are below:

10. Unique - 'Mejores' (44 points)

Highs: 12 points from Mark, 7 points form Cooper, Emma and Hugo

Lows: 0 points from Josh, Craig, Dale and Estelle

"This national final is so rich in the sounds and culture of Spain, and yet I’ve plonked a boy band in top spot. Look, the heart wants what the heart wants, OK? And my heart wants four Spanish men trying to win back an old flame through the gift of song. It is produced to perfection. Worthy of a stadium sing-along. I dare you not to know the chorus after one listen." ~ Mark

"The song has a great build and I love the anthemic feel of the chorus!" ~ Hugo

9. Marta Sango - 'Sigues en mi mente' (47 points)

Highs: 10 points from Steven and Mark, 8 points from Mike

Lows: 0 points from Hugo, Craig, Cooper and Kyriakos

"An 80s-inspired disco power ballad that would seem me dashing to the dance floor to enjoy some pure pop pleasure. It even comes with a 2.5-minute key change. Dated? Yes! Music to my ears? YES!!" ~ Steve

"Somehow both old and new, nostalgic and contemporary, Marta Sango has melded equal parts ABBA and Katy Perry for this synth pop stomper. Me gusta mucho." ~ Mark

"Full 80's Spanish/Schlager! I did not see that coming, but I love the results. Could be so retro it alienates some people. It's catchy but never really delivers the knock out punch I craved. I like the entire upbeat vibe of it. " ~ Mike

8. Varry Brava - 'Raffaella' (59 points)

Highs: 10 points from Kyriakos, Emma and Estelle

Lows: 0 points from Steve and Tim, 1 point from Hugo

"Wow indie disco? Love this so much, it's very catchy, slow start but then it goes to another planet where I would so love to dance the day away!!" ~ Kyriakos

"Cheesy 70's cruise ship disco with a catchy chorus. This is one you're either going love or hate and I love it. Could be a surprise packet if staging doesn't put off the younger audience." ~ Emma

"I love the quirkiness of this song, it’s a really fun little bop." ~ Estelle

"Love the disco meets 'Love Boat' vibes. Absolute Mike-nip. Love the fun in the song and production. Over the top, but that's what makes it good." ~ Mike

7. Javiera Mena - 'Culpa' (61 points)

Highs: 8 points from Dale and Emma, 7 points from Josh and Steve

Lows: 0 points from Kyriakos and Tim

"The 80's has returned with this left field bop. Sounding a bit like 'Thriller' in parts, this is a great dance number but can she pull it off live?" ~ Emma

"I am easily won over by electro-pop and this is no exception. The genre can suffer for being a 'flat' for a competition song but it's just SO good and there's enough moments to keep it going from organs, spoken word and disco "pew pews". It feels current and it feels 90s Eurodance at the same time, I love it!" ~ Dale

"‘Culpa' just missed my top 3, but this electro pop/laidback house mash-up is something of a “guilty” pleasure (#dadpun). I love the dramatic electric organ, but hate the vocal manipulation." ~ Steve

6. Rayden - 'Calle de la llorería' (64 points)

Highs: 12 points from Dale, 10 points from Cooper, 8 points from Estelle and Mark

Lows: 0 points from Hayley, Hugo, Craig and Steve

"This is so unusual but so compelling. A kind of flamenco inspired rock-pop-rap song that is driven along by a driving beat and great little guitar riffs. It also has some real melodic moments and just really hooks you in. Love it! " ~ Dale

"This isn't my normal music taste but there is something in this song that is so infectious. The interesting song structure makes the three minutes flash past and leaves you wanting to listen to it over and over again. The rap-style really works and who could say no to a bit of a clap in the chorus!?" ~ Cooper

"This was a really unique entry, very interesting and it left me wanting to hear more from them." ~ Estelle

"A thumping beat. Rapid-fire lyrics. A ‘Soldi’ clap. And a dinner party the devolves into debauchery. What’s not to love? Yes it’s Spanish, but it’s giving me everything we’ve loved from the last three (excellent) Italian entries, all rolled into one." ~ Mark

5. Sara Deop - 'Make you say' (65 points)

Highs: 12 points from Tim and Kyriakos, 8 points from Hayley and Josh

Lows: 0 points from Mark and Mike

"'Make you say' is such an infectious song!! It's very contemporary and it caught my attention straight away from the first listen. I love the mix of Spanish and English, but also the 'Make you say' which is part of the chorus also works as a hook in the song too." ~ Kyriakos

"There’s something about the way this song has such a summer banger feel that really sticks with me. It has just the right composition to tick all the boxes for me and I’d love to hear this performed live for what I hope will be a fantastic vocal display. Yeah I really enjoy this and I can see Europe also enjoying this live and it could be a radio hit come the summer time !!" ~ Tim

"Another great dance song" ~ Hayley

"From the opening line, Sara's vocals are piercing, crystal clear and grab you at the first listen. Simple yet intricate production pads out the track and keep it interesting even though at times the song can sound a little empty or by-the-numbers. Live, this song could be a show stopper with a simple yet impactful performance. The chorus being in English is a smart choice to hook in a larger audience. This song could be the dark horse of the national selection." ~Josh

4. Tanxugueiras - 'Terra' (67 points)

Highs: 12 points from Cooper, 10 points from Josh and Hayley, 8 points from Craig and Steve

Lows: 0 points from Dale, 1 point from Tim and Mike

"On first listen, this song hits you like a freight train. The blend of traditional, ethnic sounds and vocal techniques with a modern production produces an incredible entry for Spain. Terra hooks you in from the first second and doesn't let go till the very end, overall a truly epic song that could do amazingly for Spain at Eurovision." ~ Cooper

"Bit of a banger, and catchy. There is also something really "ethnic" about this, maybe because it reminds me the 2019 Polish song." ~ Hayley

"Terra has an epic folk-pop feel that sounds like it is telling an ancient story. The vocals are stunningly piercing and remind of Poland's entry in 2019, which could be both good and bad. If the group can achieve these vocals live on stage, the viewers will be impressed. I feel like this song will represent Spain in 2022." ~ Josh

"Easily the best of the non-pop entries, Terra appeals from linguistic and cultural perspectives. It helps that it’s also pretty catchy. This is *NOT* the “sándwich de pollo” choice, but would it emulate 'Jan Jan' and/or 'Shum', or ultimately fall flat like 'Fire of Love (Pali się)'?" ~ Steve

"The first of the post-Go_A wave of genre-bending folk music, this is a lot of fun and should make a big impact on-stage. It's not my winner simply because I find it a little repetitive, but I think this has a good chance of making it to Eurovision for Spain this year." ~ Craig

3. Chanel - 'Slo mo' (72 points)

High: 12 points from Hayley, 10 points from Dale, 8 points from Kyriakos and Tim

Low: 0 points from Mark and Craig

"I love the bass undertones on this one - I can see this being a dance floor filler!" ~ Hayley

"A very 'Aitana' inspired modern Spanish pop track. This grabbed me immediately, I was bopping along, I was singing along (that simple chorus helps) and if this was the internal selection I'd be applauding an excellent choice." ~ Dale

"Another really catchy song in the mix. I just find the English lyrics a bit clunky. But I love this song just as much as my top two songs!! " ~ Kyriakos

"This could be a massive hit for Spain not only in regards to Eurovision but across radio stations across the world. I think it has the perfect mix of both Spanish and English and it has a real banger feeling to it. Whether the banger will be mistaken for artificial music remains to be seen but it could be really exciting to see this do well. " ~ Tim

2. Azúcar Moreno - 'Postureo' (79 points)

Highs: 12 points from Josh and Emma, 10 points from Hugo

Lows: 0 points from Steve and Estelle

"I love the contrast between Spanish flamenco guitar and modern drum beats that give this authenticity whilst still sounding current. Sounding like something you'd hear at a music festival, there's a lot of potential to do something great with the staging on this one." ~ Emma

"Catchy and upbeat, a 90's throwback but modern - this song has everything needed to be a Eurovision success. It has an instantly recognisable ethnic Spanish sound and the ladies bring an epic legacy and presence with them. It's impossible not to be infected by this songs seductive energy. I cannot sit still when I hear this song and think the veterans deserve the chance to try and beat their 5th place finish they achieved in 1990. Has been on repeat since my first listen. " ~ Josh

"Love love love the instrumental, that’s the star of the show; a great mix of traditional then that electronic type sound in there. I can’t help but tap my feet at this, and these ladies know how to perform!" ~ Hugo

"God bless these women. They’ll be 61 and 59 by the time they get to Benidorm, and yet this is far and away the best dance song on the list (sorry, Javiera Mena). That hook will get you first time, and you’ll come back to get more of that Moorish, eastern sound. Let’s face it: it sounds like a vocal struggle on the recording, so who knows how it will go live. But their sheer presence on the list is legendary." ~ Mark

1. Xeinn - 'Eco' (80 points)

Highs: 12 points from Hugo, Steve and Mike, 10 points from Craig, 8 points from Cooper

Lows: 0 points from Mark, 1 point from Emma

"This is pop music at its finest. So well produced, catchy chorus, and some synths and backing beat to piece it all together. I really quite like this, and there’s a lot of melody in his voice to make me feel like I can sing along even when I don’t know the words." ~ Hugo

"This track screams quality from first listen. The epic 80's production makes this more like The Weeknd than Rafal. The sound is still very current and should appeal to wide audience. A good live performance concept and I could see this on the Eurovision stage. " ~ Mike

"From the opening beats, this screams Euro synth pop (no surprise to see a certain Swede amongst the composers) … and I’m immediately on board. It has a - for me - appealing retro sound, and yet also feels modern enough to be contemporary. It will require an awesome live vocal from XEINN, but if he delivers then this could make for an epic performance." ~ Steve

"Perhaps a little basic (read: yes, it sounds a lot like Blinding Lights), but in a final full of retrobops, this is the catchiest and best-produced of them. Sometimes, a simple song with good vocals and clean production is all you need." ~ Craig

"I get serious Weekend vibes with this song. The modern synth pop genre is massively successful and this song rides that wave perfectly. Wouldn't be mad to see this take the trophy in Benidorm." ~ Cooper

The rest of rankings 11th to 14th

11. Rigoberta Bandini - 'Ay Mama' (43 points)

"Rigoberta Bandini gets my 12 points because, quite simply, this sounds the most like the sort of music I am into at the moment. It's a little bit quirky (there's a strong flavour of Camille or Angèle to my ear), and plays around with lyrics and tempos effectively. Most importantly, it builds a good crescendo over the three minutes, which should play well on-stage. Love it!" ~ 12 points from Craig

"I think it's the simplicity that works for this song. There's a nice anthemic element that works with that simple beat. Really enjoyable listen that will hit a chord with a lot of people. I'd be interested to see this translate live." ~ 10 points from Mike

12. Gonzalo Hermida - 'Quién lo diría' (28 points)

"Beautiful! So romantic and pretty, I loved it." ~ 12 points from Estelle

"I do love a good ballad, and the Spanish language sounds lovely when accompanied by piano. The chorus has a great melody and doesn’t need the belting vocals to shine. Some tasteful staging could help this stand out in an upbeat-heavy song selection." ~ 8 points from Hugo

13. Blanca Paloma - 'Secreto del agua' (27 points)

"Firstly, I understand that this song almost certainly won’t be going to far in to the competition but WOW!! This song is so beautiful!! It just has such a calmness to it that it really grabs my attention. The vocals are just perfect and it develops an almost hypnotic tone to it that calms me immensely. I appreciate that this really isn’t to everyone’s taste but it really sticks out for me." ~ 10 points from Tim

14. Luna Ki - 'Quiero Morir' (18 points)

The Benidorm Fest artists will compete in two live semi-finals with four qualifiers from each going through to the final. The contest will take place towards the end of January with dates still to be confirmed.

You can find out more about the artists competing here.


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