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  • Craig Land

Slovenia: EMA FREŠ 2022 artists and hosts announced


Slovenia has announced the details for the first stage of their national final process, EMA FREŠ 2022.

This new prequalification round, introduced in 2020, was designed to give young and upcoming artists in Slovenia an opportunity to showcase their music and maybe represent their country at Eurovision 2022!

The 24 artists announced today including song titles are:

  • Ain’t Harmony - ‘Hočem da’

  • Anja Vodošek - ‘Maniac’

  • De Liri - ‘Obstajam’

  • Ella - ‘A sem dovolj?’

  • Emma - ‘Moja sreča’

  • Evita - ‘Črno-bela’

  • Hvala Brothers – ‘Gremo naprej’

  • Ina – ‘Moj dopamine’

  • Jaka Hliš - ‘Svoje sreče krojač’

  • Jon Vitezič – ‘Jesus Style’

  • Katja Korošec – ‘Levo in desno’

  • Katja Kos – ‘Deadly Flower’

  • Lara Dovier - ‘Ko sva se prvič spoznala’

  • LaraYul – ‘Moja lekcija’

  • Leya Leanne - ‘Naked’

  • LPS - ‘Disko’

  • LUMA – ‘All In’

  • Marijan Novak & Špela Velikanje – ‘I Am So in Love’

  • Mia Vučković - ‘Telenovela’

  • Mitja Dragan - ‘Iščem’

  • Neli Jerot – ‘Magnum opus’

  • Nika S. - ‘Počakaj me’

  • Nina Sodnik – ‘Will You Be Enough?’

  • Stela Sofia – ‘Tu in zdaj’

All 24 of the above artists will participate in the first, online phase of the competition, which will involve daily duels on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the month of December.

A “second chance” round will also take place in the week beginning 20 December 2021.

The second stage of the competition will then take place in January and will involve two televised shows consisting of seven acts each. From each show, one act will be chosen by the jury and one by the public to progress to EMA – Slovenia’s national final format – later in 2022.

The first round of duels starts this week on 29 November 2021. You can view the young artists and vote for your favourites in daily online broadcasts hosted by Arne, Eva Boto and Bojan Cvjetićanin.

Slovenia was represented in 2021 by Ana Soklič and her gospel ballad “Amen.” Soklič had previously won EMA in 2020 with “Voda” and was invited back to Eurovision 2021 by the Slovenian broadcaster. Unfortunately, she failed to qualify from the first semifinal in 2021, coming in 13th place with 44 points.

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