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Sheppard set to be writing new music for Eurovision

Photo credit: SBS Eurovision

Amy Sheppard, from the award-winning Australian pop band Sheppard, spoke to Spencer Howson on the ‘Weekends’ show on 4BC 882 radio about her transition as a new solo artist and writing new music for Eurovision.

She shared that Sheppard are currently working on their fourth studio album, with plans to head overseas next year to build their international fanbase.

Back in 2019 the Brisbane band, which consists of three siblings, George, Amy and Emma Sheppard, competed at the inaugural 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' on the Gold Coast, with a chance to represent Australia at Eurovision. Sheppard finished in third place with their anthemic entry 'On My Way'.

The following year George Sheppard co-wrote the song 'Shooting Stars' for Jordan-Ravi who competed at 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2020.

Spencer Howson asked Amy if Sheppard would give Eurovision another crack, Amy replied:

“Look never say never, we actually really enjoyed writing some of the songs. George wrote a song for Jordan-Ravi, called ‘Shooting Stars’. This year we may, I can’t really say who it’s for, but we may or may not be writing one of the songs for Eurovision this year.”

Spencer pressed Amy on who they are writing a Eurovision song for:

“I can’t say. Just incase it doesn’t happen. You know, it’s a music industry and things change every single day. I really love song writing for other artists. I think that’s one of the best parts of our job to get creative and collaborate with some really talented people.”

Asked whether Amy would try out for Eurovision as a solo artist she responded:

“I never thought about that. I think I would. Having done it once I think I would have a little bit more experience under my belt and the opportunity to go overseas to perform the song would be, and represent Australia for Eurovision yeah how can you say no.”

This year Amy has embarked on a solo career. releasing country pop songs. So far she has released 'Nothing But Wild' and 'Blue Guitar' which are taken off her debut EP release 'Nothing But Wild'.

Amy's debut EP will be out on September 16, 2022. You can pre-order the EP here and get the exclusive pink 12 inch vinyl with signed post card. Her EP launch show in Brisbane on September 16 2022 is now sold out!

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