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Sheppard release the song they submitted for Eurovision 2024

Yesterday, Sheppard released their song 'Edge of the Earth' which was submitted as a potential Eurovision entry for Australia this year.

The band competed in 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2019 finishing third behind Kate Miller-Heidke and this year's entrants, Electric Fields.

Although the band didn't officially reveal it was for Eurovision, a source in the band's team stated to Aussievision that it had been submitted as a potential entry for Australia.

Although it does come in well over three minutes, the band's team did confirm it was put forward.

"This was the song they submitted to compete this year. It's their second tilt after 'On My Way' and while it wasn’t to be for Eurovision, they have chosen it to kick start their 2024 slate of singles," they said.

Despite not winning the selection in 2019, 'On My Way' was a hit and has over 34 million streams.

Sheppard, who is now based in Nashville, has always shown a keen interest in the Contest.

Following the 2019 edition of 'Eurovision - Australia Decides', George Sheppard wrote 'Pushing Stars' which was performed by Jordan-Ravi at the 2020 edition.

Electric Fields will be Australia's Eurovision entrant with 'One Milkali (One Blood)'.

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