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The artists publicly interested in representing Australia at Eurovision 2023

On Monday, SBS sadly made the decision to axe 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' to choose our representative for the 2023 Contest.

This would see Australia choose an entry internally for the first time since 2018 when Jessica Mauboy was selected for Lisbon.

In 2021 Montaigne was also technically selected internally, however this was after being chosen at 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' in 2020 for the cancelled Contest.

Since that announcement, many well known artists have publicly shown their interest.

Dami Im

The first to throw her hat in the ring was Dami who revealed in comments on the Aussievision Facebook page that she had been interested in competing in 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'.

"Was looking forward to competing at Aus decides but in this case I'm super keen"

Dami also commented on a separate post stating,

"I'm so keen if I get offered the opportunity to return"

Jaguar Jonze

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, many fans were encouraging two-time Australia Decides competitor Jaguar Jonze to put her hand up for the opportunity.

She responded with gusto, tweeting out:

"Just saying @SBSEurovision I'd happily cancel my hair appointment in May to represent Australia on a world stage"

The artist had already shared her disappointment about the cancellation of Australia Decides on the Aussievision Instagram account saying,

"Oh this is so devastating! AD was such a different cultural moment for Australia that is so desperately needed to showcase our diverse and talented artists."


Back over on Facebook, Sheppard, who finished 3rd at the inaugural 'Eurovision - Australia Decides', also showed their interest.

"Consider our hat thrown in the ring! What an honour we're sure whoever heads to Liverpool will do us all proud x"

Additionally, after a fan asked them "please bring us something like Geronimo which will be stuck in our head and hearts for eons, whether its for Eurovision or not."

The band responded: "we think we have just the thing!"

In an interview in September, Amy Sheppard had previously stated the band were writing music potentially for Eurovision, stating: "This year we may, I can’t really say who it’s for, but we may or may not be writing one of the songs for Eurovision this year.”


Voyager finished runner-up at this year's 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' and had previously tried to enter the competition in 2020.

The band, who are just back from an international tour, also commented on the Aussievision Facebook page stating:

"Oooooohhhh, consider us interested. We'd be honoured to make the voyage...."

So who will represent Australia at Eurovision?

Who knows!

But what is clear that many high quality Australian acts still see Eurovision and Australia Decides as an honour to perform and compete at.

We don't envy those at SBS who have to make the decision between the many talented artists who would be interested, both publicly and privately, in competing for Australia at Liverpool.

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Nov 16, 2022

Any German ancestors there? We're desperately in need of artists like these ...

Congrats Australia for all the enthusiasm! With ♥ from Germany

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