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Semi-final and voting changes announced for Eurovision 2024

Overnight, a raft of changes were announced to the semi-finals and the approach to voting.

The Big Five and hosts to perform in semi-finals

In previous editions of the Contest, only a short clip was played of the Big Five nations and that year's host.

These nations automatically qualify for the Grand Final and do not need to navigate a 100% public vote semi-final.

They will now perform in the semi-final. This will not be at the end of the show but between the competing entries.

Ebba Adielsson, Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, believes this makes things "fairer."

“We think that this change gives the Big Five countries and the host country a fairer playing field in the Grand Final," she said.

Voting extension

In the Grand Final viewers will be able to start voting just before the first song, rather than waiting until all entries have performed.

This previously occurred during the 2010 and 2011 Contests.

Rest of the World voting

Rest of the World voters will now be able to vote 24 hours before live shows begin.

Online voting will open for the Rest of The World immediately after the second dress rehearsal for each semi-final and Grand Final has finished the previous night, and will stay open until the live shows begin.

Explaining the change, Eurovision Executive Supervisor Martin Österdahl said:

“By the time voting opens for the Grand Final every participating song will have been performed on stage so viewers will have had the chance to see all the acts competing to win this year’s show. The Eurovision Song Contest is always evolving and with more performances and chances to vote it promises to be the most exciting edition yet!”

Some things stay the same

It was confirmed that 100% public vote in the semi-finals and 50%/50% split between public and jury in the Grand Final would remain the same.

However, this statement was also made:

There’ll be another big change for Malmö 2024 announced soon….

Time will tell what it is....

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