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San Marino: Semi-finalists for 'Una Voce per San Marino' announced

San Marino's National Final, 'Una Voce per San Marino' (One Voice for San Marino) has moved into its next phase after auditions were conducted over the last several weeks. The audition process saw a whopping 299 artists apply.

60 of these 'Emerging artists' that auditioned will go through to semi-finals to be held between February 13 and 17. There are also six Sammarinese artists who will compete in their very own semi-final.

Nine emerging artists will make it through to compete in an 'Emerging Artists final' and then a Grand Final to be held on February 19. Joining the nine emerging artists will be nine invited Italian artists to compete totalling 18. The dates are as follows

  • 13 February: semi-final 1 – Emerging artists

  • 14 February: semi-final 2 – Emerging artists

  • 15 February: semi-final 3 – Emerging artists

  • 16 February: semi-final 4 – Sammarinese artists

  • 17 February: Second chance

  • 18 February: Emerging artists final

  • 19 February: Grand Final

Among the 60 artists announced was an Aussie! Jess Condon (from Melbourne currently residing in London) made it through after her audition this week. Jess has cut her teeth in the theatre in some very notable shows including Kinky Boots and Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Jess' song 'Water on the Ground' was written by Italian songwriter Ivan Cancialosi. Jess was first noticed by Ivan after a clip of her singing at a train station went viral.

Unfortunately missing out was the wonderful Tanzer, also hailing from Melbourne.

Tanzer (real name Hayley Tanzer) had a bit of a different Eurovision journey. After living in Italy as a child, she has had a lifelong obsession with the contest and travelling to San Marino to audition she says has been a dream. Tanzer had two songs prepared for the audition: magical sci-fi heartbreak epic, the other a soaring tri-lingual romantic opus - intriguing! Her outfit - reflective silver cowboy!

Read below to see which artists made it through:

  1. Aaron Sibley (United Kingdom)

  2. Alessandra Simone (Italy)

  3. Alessia Labate (Italy)

  4. Alice Burani (Italy)

  5. Allerija (Italy)

  6. Anna Faragò (Italy)

  7. ASHLEY (Italy)

  8. Brenda (Italy)

  9. Camille Cabaltera (Italy)

  10. Corinna Parodi (Italy)

  11. Daniel Mincone (Italy)

  12. Daniela Pisciotta (Italy)

  13. Davide Rossi (Italy)

  14. Diego Federico (Austria)

  15. Elena & Francesco Faggi (Italy)

  16. Elisa Del Prete (Italy)

  17. Eliska Mrázová (Czech Republic)

  18. Ellynora (Italy)

  19. Florent Amare (France)

  20. Frio (Italy)

  21. Giada Varaschin (Italy)

  22. Giorgio Borghes Aka Claudia F (United Kingdom)

  23. Gisele Abramoff (Brazil)

  24. I Koko (Italy)

  25. Jessica Anne Condon (United Kingdom - Australia)

  26. João Paulo & Miguel (Portugal)

  27. Joe Romano & TheStolenClipper (Italy)

  28. Katrin Roselli (Italy)

  29. Kimberly Genil (Italy)

  30. Kumi Watanabe (Italy)

  31. Kurt Cassar (Malta)

  32. Le Bebae (Italy)

  33. Leonardo Frezzotti (Italy)

  34. Lorenza Rocchiccioli (Italy)

  35. Luca Cima (Italy)

  36. Luca Veneri (Italy)

  37. Luci Blu (Italy)

  38. Mad (Italy)

  39. Marco Saltari (Italy)

  40. Maria Chiara Leoni (Italy)

  41. Martina Gaetano (Italy)

  42. Mate (Italy)

  43. Matilde Montanari (Italy)

  44. Matteo Giannaccini Gravante (Italy)

  45. Muriel (Italy)

  46. Nada e Sissi (Italy)

  47. OnlySara (Italy)

  48. Operapop (Italy)

  49. OXA (Clayton) Sia (Germany)

  50. Raimondo Cataldo (Italy)

  51. Riccardo Foresi (Italy)

  52. Riccardo Guglielmi (Italy)

  53. Sebastian Schimdt (Germany)

  54. Snei Ap (Italy)

  55. Thomas Grazioso (Italy)

  56. Tothem (Italy)

  57. Valentina Tioli (Italy)

  58. Vanja Vatle (Norway)

  59. Veronica Liberati (Italy)

  60. Vina Rose (Italy)

Una Voce Per San Marino: Sammarinese Artists (Semi-Final 4)

  1. Alibi (San Marino)

  2. Elisa Mazza (San Marino)

  3. Garon x Duan (San Marino)

  4. Giada Pintori (San Marino)

  5. Ginevra Bencivenga (San Marino)

  6. Giulia Vitri (San Marino)

San Marino have competed at the Eurovision Song Contest on 11 occasions since 2008. Their best result to date is Serhat's 'Say Na Na Na' in 19th place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Last year they qualified for the third time ever with 'Adrenalina' by Senhit featuring Flo Rida which finished in 22nd place in the Grand Final in Rotterdam.

Read our interview with Jess Condon here.

Read our interview with Tanzer here.

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