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Poland brings back Szanza Na Sukces for Eurovision 2020

Earlier today Poland announced their artists for the revived version of 'Szanza Na Sukces', their national selection which they have not used for Eurovision since 2012. It was used for Junior Eurovision selection process in 2019.

The big name here is Lake Malawi’s leader singer Albert Černý. Albert hails from Trinec, which lies on the Czech-Polish border. Lake Malawi are very popular in Poland and the band have toured there extensively. Albert will perform in either semi final 2 or 3 of the competition.

'Szanza Na Sukces' will consist of three themed semis and a grand final. These will all be pre-recorded. Only the winner, who is chosen by the jury, will proceed to the grand final which will be held on February 23 (February 24, Australian time).

The jury will also award one golden ticket to a non-qualifying contestant bringing the total to 4 contestants for the grand final. In the grand final, each contestant will perform a cover of a song and an original song which is to be their Eurovision entry. The winner will be chosen via a public televote.

The jury will consist of three former Eurovision representatives – Cleo (2014), Michal Szpak (2016) and Gromee (2018).

February 02- Semi final 1: ABBA theme

  • Patryk Skoczyński

  • Emilia Sanecka

  • Julia & Wiktoria Szlachta

  • Kasia Dereń

  • Amelia Andryszczyk

  • Sargis Davtyan

  • Maja Hyży

Kasia Dereń has Eurovision experience as she was a backing singer for Gromee and Lukas Meijer in 2018. Maja Hyży was a finalist for the Polish national selection process in 2018 and Amelia Andryszczyk was a finalist for the Polish Junior Eurovision selection final. She is also an alum of Poland’s The Voice: Kids.

Patrick and the Szlachta sisters were contestants of The Voice and Sargis Davtyan competed in Debuity Opole 2019. Emilia Sanecka is the lead singer of Polish band Daj To Glośnie.

The other semi finals (with competing artists yet to be confirmed) will be:

  • February 09: Eurovision Hits

  • February 16: The Beatles

  • February 23: Grand Final

The other 14 contestants competing in these semi finals will be:

  • Basia Gąsienica Giewont

  • Adrian Makar

  • Aleksandra Nykiel

  • Saszan

  • Alicja Szemplińska

  • Paulina Czapla

  • Nick Sinckler

  • Patricia Kazadi

  • Marek Kaliszuk

  • Albert Černy

  • Weronika Curyło

  • Stashka

  • Norbert Legieć

  • Bartosz Kurkiewicz

Poland first competed at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 with Edyta Gorniak with her second placed song ‘To nje ja’. This remains as Poland’s best result in the competition. Last year all female white voice quartet Tulia was chosen via internal selection. They finished in 11th place in the first semi final failing to qualify for the final by just 2 points.


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