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Pasha Parfeni to represent Moldova at Eurovision 2023 with 'Soarele şi luna'

Overnight, Moldova selected Pasha Parfeni with the song 'Soarele și Luna' to represent them at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool. They were selected through the Moldovan National selection: Etapa Națională, beating out nine other songs in the final.

The Results

Pasha Parfeni won comfortably by 6 points, taking out both the juries and televote for the maximum total of 24 points. Behind them was SunStroke Project with 'Yummy Mommy' coming second with 18 points and coming in third was Aliona Moon with the song 'Du-mă' receiving 17 points.

Below are the rest of the overall results:

4th - Suororile Osianu - 'Bade, Bădișor, Bădița' (15 points)

5th - Donia - 'Red Zone' (11 points)

6th - OL - 'Why You Play it Cool' (7 points)

7th - Corina Ivanov - 'When Love's Real' (7 points)

8th - Cosmina - 'Indestructible' (7 points)

9th - Victor Gulick - 'Let's Dance' (5 points)

10th - Nördika - 'Damn and Down' (5 points)

About Pasha Parfeni

Pasha Parfeni's professional music career began as the vocalist for fellow Etapa Națională finalists, SunStroke Project. He joined the group in 2008, leaving before their 2010 Eurovision participation. In 2012, he represented Moldova with the song 'Lăutar' and composed their 2013 entry, 'O Mie,' sung by other fellow Etapa Națională finalist, Aliona Moon.

Moldova's History at Eurovision

Moldova debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 with the song ‘Boonika Bate Doba’ by the group Zdob și Zdub. Their best result was a 3rd place in 2017 with the song ‘Hey Mamma’ by Sunstroke Project. Last year, they were again represented by Zdob și Zdub with the song ‘Trenulețul’. The country is known for their wacky songs and even wackier stagings that get the attention of the audience and often end up being rewarded with good results.

‘Soarele și Luna’ will compete in the second half of the first semi-final this year in Liverpool.

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