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OGAE Second Chance 2023: Aussievision team rankings

As announced last week, the entries for the 2023 OGAE Second Chance Contest have now been revealed.

The annual OGAE Contest is an event which has been running since 1987. It determines the best song that did not win their country’s national final. OGAE fan clubs from around the world are responsible for choosing a song to compete for their nation in this Eurovision style contest.

OGAE Australia won't be competing this year, as there was no 'Eurovision - Australia Decides', but members of the club will still be able to vote.

Ahead of the official voting and results, the Aussievision team has ranked the competing entries.

12 members of the Aussievision team voted for their favourites and here is the Top 10 in reverse order:

10. Albania: Elsa Lila – 'Evita' (32 points)

Highs: 10 points from Colleen

“Still kinda mad that this won FiK, but couldn't go to Eurovision because of the rule change. Evita, to me, was the most powerful Eurovision related ballad I have heard in a while. Even with a staging so simple (literally a chair), it just worked.“ ~ Colleen

=8. Sweden: Marcus & Martinus – 'Air' (36 points)

Highs: 8 points from Dale

=8. Croatia: Harmonija Disonance – 'Nevera- Lei Lei' (36 points)

Highs: 10 points from Justin

“The studio version remains a contender against Czechia’s entry proper as best non-mainstream song this year! Had Let3 not entered, it could’ve done quite well…” ~ Justin

7. Ukraine: Jerry Heil – 'When God Shut The Door' (50 points)

Highs: 8 points from Justin, Samuel and Emma

=5. Norway: Ulrikke – 'Honestly’ (55 points)

Highs: 12 points from Samuel; 10 points from Kyriakos; 8 points from Olivia

“I’m still in love with this raw and incredible vocal performance. I hope one day Ulrikke will grace the Eurovision stage like she deserves.” ~ Samuel

=5. Spain: Vicco – 'Nochentera' (55 points)

Highs: 12 points from Emma; 10 points from Olivia and Mike

“The party song of Benidorm Fest, 'Nochentera' was such an earworm. The Spanish crowd was so into it and the slick choreography in 80s throwback style really made it pop. In hindsight this would have been one of a couple of Spanish songs that would likely have done better in Liverpool than eventual winner Blanca Paloma.” ~ Emma

“It’s just so catchy and it’s the type of song that isn’t going to weigh you down with its emotions.” ~ Olivia

“Without a doubt the catchiest song at Benidorm Fest this year. It’s almost pop perfection. More please Spain.” ~ Mike

4. Lithuania: Ruta MUR – 'So Low' (57 points)

Highs: 10 points from Emma; 8 points from Fleur and Kyriakos; 7 points from Craig and Colleen

“So Low' grabbed my attention straight away - that familiar 80s sound and androgynous voice synonymous with singers like Alison Moyet. It did sound a lot like Bronski Beat's 'Smalltown Boy' in parts but there was enough freshness about it to keep me interested for the whole three minutes. A really great package which I would have loved to have seen on the Eurovision stage!” ~ Emma

3. Finland: KUUMAA – 'Ylivoimainen' (61 points)

Highs: 12 points from Colleen; 10 points from Samuel and Dale; 8 points from Mike

“Every one of the UMK songs had the potential to do well this year. Initially, this was under my radar, but it's currently one of my most played national final songs.” ~ Colleen

“Any song from the UMK line-up would have done well at OGAE given it was by far the best national final of the year. This highly addictive tune does Finland proud.” ~ Samuel

“The fact that this came 5th at the Finnish national final UMK just shows the quality Finland are bringing lately. This song was a huge grower for me during the national final season and is still on high repeat. Quality song and performance and it’s always fantastic to hear the Finnish language.” ~ Dale

2. Serbia: Filip Baloš – 'Novi plan drugi san' (70 points)

Highs: 12 points from Hayley, Fleur and Kyriakos; 10 points from Craig

“There is something just so addictive about this song. I am still listening to it on repeat and I would have been equally happy for Serbia to send this instead to Liverpool. I also love how they did the staging to this song.” ~ Hayley

“Serbia bought the goods this year. If Luke Black didn't win PzE, this was my second choice. This is a bop and I love Filip's aesthetic here. I understand very little of what he is singing, but I don't care. This just screams uber cool and I love everything about it. Hoping he comes back again.” ~ Fleur

“What a performance!! It was one of my ultimate favourites this Eurovision national final season! The song is super infectious!! Filip gives 110% to this!! Let's hope we see Filip bring something like this to Eurovision for Serbia in the future!!” ~ Kyriakos

“This is some prime Serbian oonts oonts and I'm here for it. The beat builds perfectly and Filip is a very compelling performer. It goes very well on a jogging playlist as well!” ~ Craig

1. Belgium: Chérine – 'Ça M’Ennuie Pas' (73 points)

Highs: 12 points from Justin, Craig, Mike and Dale; 8 points from John Christian

“This has been a firm favourite on my playlist with its throwback ‘80s-style composition and catchy melody!” ~ Justin

“My main aspiration in life is to sing this song very badly at a karaoke bar somewhere in Belgium one day. Frothy pop served up perfectly, even if the staging got a little weirder than expected.” ~ Craig

“I simply haven’t got this song out of my head since I heard it. The live version is a little patchy, but the studio version is absolute perfection!” ~ Mike

“Absolutely brilliant and catchy French language pop. This is fresh, bright and infectious and I would have love to see it on the Eurovision stage. Was Cherine's live the greatest we've ever seen? No... But it was still fun and very "her" and I still have this on repeat.” ~ Dale

The rest of the votes:

11. Rest of World (Moldova): SunStroke Project – ‘Yummy Mummy’ 26 points

“I am still absolutely gutted that Moldova didn't send this song. I love love love the Sunstroke Project and this is very much in theme with them. I was lucky enough to see them perform this banger at the Euro Club and my god they did not disappoint! Silly lyrics but such a great bass heavy song with an infectious beat.” ~ Hayley

=12. Estonia: OLLIE – 'Venom' (25 points)

“This one would've given Kaarijaa a run for his money since it would've attracted a higher chance of winning than Sweden.” ~ John Christian

“In hindsight, Estonia chose correctly by sending Alika this year as we were inundated with rock songs. But this is the grungy rock that I live for. My rock chick heart is naturally drawn to this. Hopefully OLLIE returns with another gem next year, his other music is just as amazing. The Eurovision stage needs him.” ~ Fleur

=12. Czechia: RODAN – 'Introvert Party Club' (25 points)

14. Poland: Jann – 'Gladiator' (22 points)

“The song tells such a captivating story, you feel like you're watching a mini movie when it comes up on your Spotify shuffle.” ~ Olivia

15. Ireland: CONNOLLY – 'Midnight Summer Night' (20 points)

16. Denmark: EYJAA – 'I Was Gonna Marry Him' (18 points)

“This song should've saved Denmark from embarrassment of non-qualification for two years, and it was a masterpiece.” ~ John Christian

17. Portugal: Edmundo Inácio – 'A Festa' (13 points)

18. Romania: Andreea D Folclor Orchestra – ‘Perinita Mea' (12 points)

19. Italy: Lazza – 'Cenere' (7 points)

20.Germany: Will Church – 'Hold On' (3 points)

=21. Iceland: Langi Seli og Skuggarnir – 'OK' (0 points)

=21. Latvia: 24.Avenija – 'You Said' (0 points)

=21. Malta: Ryan Hili – 'In The Silence' (0 points)

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