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OGAE Second Chance Contest 2023: Full line-up of competing songs

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest has now wrapped up, so it is time for the OGAE Second Chance Contest!

The annual OGAE Second Chance Contest sees each official fan club (OGAE Finland, OGAE Sweden, OGAE Germany etc) select a song that didn't win their national final to battle it out in a Eurovision style contest.

OGAE Australia won't be competing this year as there was no 'Eurovision - Australia Decides'.

23 countries will be competing in the 2023 edition!

This year's entries are as follows:

  1. Elsa Lila – 'Evita' (Albania)

  2. Chérine – 'Ça M’Ennuie Pas' (Belgium)

  3. RODAN – 'Introvert Party Club' (Czechia)

  4. Harmonija Disonance – 'Nevera- Lei Lei' (Croatia)

  5. EYJAA – 'I Was Gonna Marry Him' (Denmark)

  6. OLLIE – 'Venom' (Estonia)

  7. KUUMAA – 'Ylivoimainen' (Finland)

  8. Will Church – 'Hold On' (Germany)

  9. CONNOLLY – 'Midnight Summer Night' (Ireland)

  10. Langi Seli og Skuggarnir – 'OK' (Iceland)

  11. Lazza – 'CENERE' (Italy)

  12. 24.Avenija – 'You Said' (Latvia)

  13. Ruta MUR – 'So Low' (Lithuania)

  14. Ryan Hilli – 'In The Silence' (Malta)

  15. SunStroke Project – ‘Yummy Mummy’ (Moldova/Rest of World)

  16. Ulrikke – 'Honestly’ (Norway)

  17. Jann – 'Gladiator' (Poland)

  18. Edmundo Inácio – 'A Festa' (Portugal)

  19. Andreea D Folclor Orchestra – ‘Perinita Mea” (Romania)

  20. Filip Baloš – 'Novi plan drugi san' (Serbia)

  21. Vicco – 'Nochentera' (Spain)

  22. Marcus & Martinus – 'Air' (Sweden)

  23. Jerry Heil – 'When God Shut The Door' (Ukraine)

The competition has been running since 1987 with Sweden taking out last year's contest thanks to Medina and their entry 'In i dimman'.

Sweden have won the Second Chance Contest a staggering 18 times! As a result of their 2022 win, OGAE Sweden get to "host" it this year.

Members of your respective OGAE clubs need to stay tuned to their club's communications channels for any information on voting.

If you're not part of OGAE Australia you can find all the details to join the club here.

For continued updates on all the Eurovision Song Contest news follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All links at:


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