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OGAE Second Chance Contest 2021 - The full line-up of competing songs

Now that the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has wrapped, attention now turns to the

OGAE Second Chance Contest 2021.

For those who don’t know, the OGAE Second Chance Contest has been running since 1987, and is organised between various members of OGAE. Each OGAE club that is in a country that had a National Final can select an entry from that National Final that did not make it to Eurovision, to give it a ‘second chance’ in an international competition.

Here is all the info you need to know about this year’s contest.

14 countries will be competing this year, and the running order and entries are as follows:

1. Albania - Era Rusi ‘Zjarri im’

2. Israel - Eden Alene ‘Ue La La’

3. Portugal - NEEV ‘Dancing In The Stars’

4. France - Pony X ‘Amour fou’

5. Sweden - Eric Saade ‘Every Minute’

6. Russia - ‘Future Is Bright’

7. Spain - Blas Cantó ‘Memoria’

8. Denmark - Chief 1 og Thomas Buttenschøn ‘Højt over skyerne’

9. Italy - Irama ‘La genesi del tuo colore’

10. Estonia - Jüri Pootsmann ‘Magus melanhoolia’

11. Lithuania - Gebrasy ‘Where’d You Wanna Go?’

12. Croatia - BERNARDA ‘Colors’

13. Norway - KEiiNO ‘MONUMENT’

14. Finland - Ilta ‘Kelle mä soitan’

Although Australia did not have a National Final this year, Australian OGAE members can still have their say as Australia is one of 27 guest juries at this year’s contest.

Members of OGAE Australia need to stay tuned to their emails for the voting info as it has not begun yet, but the voting will close on August 8. If you're not part of OGAE Australia and you want to vote (plus be in the loop with everything OGAE and Eurovision) you can find all the details to join the club here, there is a yearly $25 membership fee.

OGAE Sweden are hosting this year’s contest after they won last year’s contest with Anna

Bergendahl and her song ‘Kingdom Come’.


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