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OGAE Second Chance Contest 2020 - Winner Prediction

Voting for the OGAE Second Chance Contest comes to an end today, with OGAE Clubs across Europe and the world submitting their votes.

The contest sees each official fan club (OGAE Australia, OGAE Sweden etc.) select a song that didn't win their national final to battle it out in a Eurovision-style contest.

The competition has been running since 1987 and Sweden has taken out the title on 15 occasions, including most recently in 2014 and 2017.

But who will wear the crown this year? We've made some predictions...

The outside chances

Jaguar Jonze - 'Rabbit Hole' (Australia)

This is only Australia's second appearance in the OGAE Second Chance Contest after Electric Fields finished fourth last year with '2000 and Whatever'. Jaguar may have only finished sixth in Australia Decides, but she has won over many fans in Europe and has a real cult following. 'Rabbit Hole' stands out amongst this year's OGAE Second Chance entries and could sneak a high placing.

Rein Alexander - 'One More Time' (Norway)

Rein Alexander's 'One More Time' harks back to the 2000s with a dramatic voice and camp staging. The average OGAE Club member may have enjoyed that era and could certainly get behind this entry. Although he could certainly place high, it would be a big surprise if he gave Norway its first win since Adelén's 'Bombo' in 2013.

Monique - 'Human' (Lithuania)

Out of nowhere Lithuania brought the goods in 2020, delivering one of the best national finals of the year. With plenty of options to choose from, OGAE Lithuania went with the country's runner-up 'Human'. Whilst offering few "bells and whistles", the staging is undeniably both unique and effective. Lithuania will be aiming to be the first Baltic country to win the contest.

The Contenders

Anna Bergendahl - 'Kingdom Come' (Sweden)

This is the second year in a row that Anna has represented Sweden, after finishing third last year with 'Ashes to Ashes'. Sweden has dominated this contest and Anna is a huge fan favourite. Her entry this year came in third place at Melodifestivalen and is bigger and bolder than her 2019 song. The OGAE Club member demographic may swing quite heavily behind her, meaning that she has every chance of being crowed the victor.

Elodie - 'Andromeda' (Italy)

Italy has the most OGAE Second Chance titles after Sweden, with recent wins in 2015 (Nek - 'Fatti avanti amore') and in 2018 (Annalisa - 'Il mondo prima di te'). They also finished in the runner-up spot last year. Their 2020 entry is another fan favourite and was penned by 2019 Eurovision runner-up Mahmood. As a modern, disco-inspired pop hit delivered by the popular artist Elodie, this should resonate well with fans and could certainly top the vote.

The Winner

Erika Vikman - 'Cicciolina' (Finland)

Finland has won the OGAE Second Chance Contest only once before (in 2000 with Anna Eriksson's 'Oot voimani mun'), but it has a red hot chance of taking it out again this year. The fan meltdown bordered on Chernobyl levels when Erika didn't win Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu earlier this year, and the song and performance are adored by fans. It's a perfect example of Eurovision camp-pop-fantasy that has won admirers seemingly regardless of age or background.

This is the song that we think will follow in Seemone's footsteps in 2020.

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