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Norway Melodi Grand Prix Semi Final 3 - Aussievision picks

This weekend is the third semi final of the Norwegian national final 'Melodi Grand Prix'.

This semi final features artists from 'Central Norway' who will compete in head to head battles for a place in the Grand Final.

The songs and artists were released earlier this week, and the Aussievision team each chose their favourite entries...

Here are the results:

1st: Thomas Løseth - ‘Vertigo’ (4 votes)

Guy: "I haven’t stopped listing to it since it came out and it’s my favourite so far from all of the 2020 National Finals. It’s got everything I like in a good ballad - it’s powerful and has some drama in the arrangement. His and Erika's voices have nice tones and work really well together. If it went through to the contest, it would pack a big punch and could easily be top 5 on the scoreboard. I'd love to see it there and be able to cheer for it."

Laura: "I like the echoey parts in the instrumental. Sounds like the kind of anthemic arena song that would work well with minimal staging. Simple enough to be accessible, interesting enough to keep listeners engaged, but at the same time I have no idea what the lyrics are about. In a field of more uptempo songs this is sure to stand out as a classy ballad that feels timeless. "

Steve: "An earworm with a haunting melody that builds nicely. It does lack a “big moment” (I’d have loved a dramatic crescendo at around the 2-minute mark), but there’s some potential for a visual climax given the song’s title.

Mike: "I wasn't that impressed with the overall quality of this week's songs. This was the only one that worked for me, the combination of the duo worked well."

2nd: Sie Gubba - ‘Kjære du’ (2 votes)

Dale: "Finally something country that isn't an occasional twang or banjor, this goes full central Norwegian country complete with a fiddle. It combined the country with schlager which truly are two of my favourite genres. I love this, it's the only song in this four that sparks any joy. I'll be over the moon if it wins."

Liv: "I love me some yeehaw – what can I say. It’s a fun little country-folk number in a native language, what’s not to love! Love the music break and just generally this makes me smile."

=3rd: Kristin Husoy - 'Pray For Me' (1 vote)

Fleur: Honestly I am a little divided here. For me, this week’s selection is more desirable in general but I cannot see any of these songs on the Eurovision stage. I think they would all struggle to reach the final. I am choosing ‘Praying For Me’ as it I find it more interesting than the others. Nothing screams- winner.

Kristin has a nice almost husky voice which suits the song. It’s an enjoyable pop rock number and that is something that always appeals to me.  It should be a song that would work well live as it doesn’t rely too much on electronics. It has a Zibbz ‘Stones’ sound to it but not as polished. Overall, it’s a really good effort by a very young performer.

=3rd: Alexandru - 'Pink Jacket' (1 vote)

Kyriakos: "I am really looking forward to this one. This song is the stand out out of all four songs for me and the most memorable. It is contemporary and radio friendly. I love the whistle sound. I can see some great staging, Alexandru with his pink jacket doing some awesome dance routine with back up dancers."

The second semi final takes place 19:50 CET Saturday 25 January which is 05:50 AEDT Sunday 26 January. You can watch it live at

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