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Norway: Aussievision's Melodi Grand Prix 2022 semi-final 3 rankings

The third semi-final of Norway's Melodi Grand Prix 2022 take place this coming weekend!

The Aussievision team has listened and voted on the four competing songs this weekend and voted for our favourite entry each.

Here are our rankings from 4th down to 1st:

4. Sturla – 'Skår I hjertet' (1 vote)

"A male ballad (à la Sheeran) that has progression and structure backed by reasonably modern, radio-friendly production. The fact that it’s in Norwegian hides any non-native English speaker sins, which meant 'Skår i hjertet' just pips ‘Titans' to my favourite of SF #3." ~Steven

3. Mari Bølla – 'Your Loss' (2 votes)

"'Your Loss' a stock standard, by the books pop-punk song, but there's nothing wrong with that! Hammer of Thor seems the obvious choice to win this semi, but the lyrics make me laugh when I don't think they should." ~Wade

"While this isn't a ground breaking song by any means, it is still very listenable (especially through good headphones). The lyric 'Loved me like a lizard' made me google it to make sure I had heard it correctly! The only thing I will say is that I felt a bit of a disconnect between the heavier and fuller chorus with the verses which just didn't seem to gel well. Will this represent Norway? Nope, but it is still a good song." ~Hayley

2. Oda Gondrosen – 'Hammer of Thor' (4 votes)

"I love 'Hammer of Thor'!!! It is the most enthralling song out of the selection this week. I love the build up, and the concept of Thor's hammer being stolen is amazing and fits in the fantasy side of it all. I expect something big staging wise from Oda!" ~Kyriakos

"Yes, give me this medieval sea shanty power pop ballad realness. This song is built for a live performance and delivers everything I want in the studio version. Great build, some power vocal moments and slightly ridiculous lyrics. My favourite in a good line up this week!" ~Dale

"This song is just power personified. I'm not 100% sure if I like the melody or not, but this is the only track from this crop that made me take notice of the song. Has the ability to stand out, endless staging potential. Definitely feel like this a song for a live performance, so if I already like it from the studio, then the only way is up on the stage!" ~Hugo

"For me, this is by far the strongest heat out of Norway so far. Among a strong field, though, 'Hammer of Thor' is giving me the slightly OTT scandi ballad I've been looking for - it's nailing its Vikings/Game of Thrones pastiche, and I can't wait to see what they do with the staging. Good luck Oda!" ~Craig

1. Vilde – 'Titans' (6 votes)

"I love this song! It's what I've come to expect from Norway's national final. A big anthemic, well produced pop number. I've had this on repeat since the acts were announced. 'Titans' is definitely one of the better songs in Melodi Grand Prix this year and absolutely deserves to be in the final." ~Cooper

"So basic but so good. The selection of songs this year from MGP has been a bit of a disappointment. While lacking any uniqueness, 'Titans' does its job." ~Josh

"'Titans' reminds me a lot of Sia's 'Chandelier' but Vilde has the voice to carry it off. There's good progression and the backing vocals give it a very anthemic almost sounds like a sporting theme song in parts and it should lend itself to some pretty epic staging." ~Emma

"'Titans' is my top pick for this heat. It's got the Scandi polished anthemic pop sound, but it doesn't feel like it just came out of the cookie cutter. I'm hoping they give it some big staging in the live performance." ~Guy

"I think this song stands out to me because it’s sounds very anthemic and something that makes me feel better. It sounds vaguely similar to Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ so maybe that’s something that stands out to me. The lyrics are alright but I think it could be a surprise contender for winning the heat." ~Tim

"Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with this week’s songs. I have gone for Titans because I like the message and the arrangement of the song. The lyrics are a little messy but it still ticks the boxes for me." ~Fleur

The third semi-final for Melodi Grand Prix 2022 airs on 29th January in Norway time or the early hours of 30th January in Australia.


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