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  • Cooper Olsen

Norway: 21 artists revealed for 'Melodi Grand Prix' 2023

Norwegian broadcaster NRK announced the twenty-one artists and song titles that will compete in Norway's national final - 'Melodi Grand Prix' (MGP).

The line-up consists of four previous Eurovision acts, a number of past 'MGP' competitors and bunch of debuting artists.

Artists and Songs:

  • Akuvi - 'Triumph'

  • Alejandro Fuentes - 'Fuego'

  • Alessandra Mele - 'Queen of Kings'

  • Atle Pettersen - 'Masterpiece'

  • Bjørn Olav Edvardsen - 'Turn Off My Heart'

  • Eirik Næss - 'Wave'

  • Eline Thorp - 'Not Meant to Be'

  • Ella - 'Waist'

  • Elsie Bay - 'Love You In A Dream'

  • Jone - 'Ekko Inni Meg'

  • JOWST ft. Byron Williams Jr. - 'Freaky for the Weekend'

  • Kate Gulbrandsen - 'Tårer I Paradis'

  • Maria Celin Strisland - 'Freya'

  • Rasmus Thall - 'Tresko'

  • Sandra Lyng - 'Drøm D Bort'

  • Skrellex - 'Love Again'

  • Stig Van Eijk - 'Someday'

  • Swing'it - 'Prohibition'

  • Tiril - 'Break It'

  • Ulrikke - 'Honestly'

  • Umami Tsunami - 'Geronimo'

The artists of note competing are:


One previous 'Melodi Grand Prix' winner who is making a return to the contest is Ulrikke Brandstorp who was ready to fly the flag for Norway back in 2020 with her entry 'Attention'. Of course, due to the global pandemic, Eurovision was cancelled and Ulrikke never made it onto the big stage. Perhaps she'll make it to Liverpool in 2023?


JOWST was one half of Norways 2017 Eurovision act alongside vocalist, Aleksander Walmann. Their entry 'Grab the Moment' finished at 10th place in Kyiv. JOWST has since collaborated with numerous Eurovision acts including Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria 2017), Manel Navarro (Spain 2017), and Agnette (Norway 2016). This round JOWST is being joined by American native soul-singer Bryon Williams Jr.

Kate Gulbrandsen

Another returning Eurovision act is Kate Gulbrandsen. Kate is a veteran in the Norwegian music industry after winning 'Melodi Grand Prix' back in 1987 and subsequently going on to represent the nation at Eurovision the same year with the song 'Mitt Liv'. Post-Eurovision Kate has continued to dabble in music and is now returning 36 years later is ready to return to 'MGP'.

Stig Van Eijk

Stig Van Eijk is best known for representing Norway at 1999 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Living My Life Without You'. Stig has gone on to see success being named artist of year in 2000 as well as having his debut album go platinum. Stig has since experimented with global genres and sounds and has formed a signature sound which will no doubt stand out at 'Melodi Grand Prix' 2023.

In the artist line-up there are also many returnees from previous 'Melodi Grand Prix' editions that include Atle Pettersen, Akuvi, Alejandro Fuentes, and Elsie Bay just to name a few.

Unlike previous editions, this years 'Melodi Grand Prix' format will see just three semi-finals as play out with no artists being pre-qualified directly to the final.

Another new inclusion to the contest is the return of a professional Jury who will account for 50% of the final score, with the remaining 50% coming from public voting.

The final will take place on Saturday 4th February with the winner to represent Norway in Liverpool.

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