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Nemo on the pressure of being Eurovision 2024 favourite

The current favourite to win Eurovision 2024 in Malmö is Nemo from Switzerland.

Nemo's song 'The Code' gained momentum over the pre-party season to go to the top of the odds.

Nemo spoke to us on the Aussievision podcast ahead of the Contest to find out how he is coping with that pressure. They told us:

"I think right now I'm just taking it as a great little extra boost of motivation."

"Betting odds are just betting odds and they can go up and down. So I'm not trying to focus too much on them, but it's really nice to see how people connect with the song and how they believe in the song."

Nemo told us that they've been rehearsing hard in the build-up to Eurovision particularly because of the difficulty of the performance.

"I think it's a very challenging song in general and it takes a lot of energy and a lot of focus to deliver that," they said.

"And especially with the performance, so like the staging and stuff, all comes together and quite is quite a bit demanding piece. I'm really just looking forward to being very focused and present and trying to convey that original feeling I had when writing the song and hopefully just be very with myself in that moment. I think that's really important to be present."

Nemo is non-binary and hopes their visibility can help others.

"I hope that my performance can spark inspiration and also courage to be yourself like for anyone that watches just to realise that being the way they are, is perfect. They don't have to change or compromise for anyone or give into any expectations from anyone or society in general. I think that would make me really happy if anyone takes that away from from my performance."

Being an Australian-driven fan site, Nemo shared a connection and love of one of our artists.

"I am the biggest fan of one Australian musician. His name is Nikodimos and he's insanely talented," Nemo tells us.

"I think he plays like every instrument there is in this world. I've worked with him before in Berlin and also in France and damn, he's so talented. Everyone go listen to Nikodemis, like for real, like everything. Everything he does in music is amazing and amazes me."

Nemo will perform 'The Code' in Malmö.

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