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Montaigne reveals details about her Eurovision 2021 performance

Montaigne has released a follow up vlog after she released her first Eurovision vlog three weeks ago.

In her new vlog Montaigne mentions the release of her new Eurovision 2021 song ‘Technicolour’. She revealed she wrote part of the song at home and the rest she co wrote it with Dave Hammer. The inspiration for the song were Charlie XCX and Rina Sawayama.

Montaigne explains that the song is fun and the Mardi Gras performance was used as an official video in lieu of an Australia Decides winning performance, which we didn’t have this year, to which Montaigne jokingly says “I am Australia Decides”.

Her actual Eurovision performance of 'Technicolour' will be different to what she performed at Mardi Gras. Montaigne revealed she wants her Eurovision performance to be “fun and cute and silly and snarky, that kind of thing, or something like that. Something a bit more ironic. But not ironic in a cynical way, ironic in a self aware way.”

She revealed that she will be recording her backup performance for ‘Technicolour’ "live-on-tape" next week, in the instance that scenario B doesn’t go ahead in Rotterdam.

The promotional photos and visuals, by Jess Gleeson, released by Montaigne over the last fortnight have been inspired by Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy 10 and are

She also revealed more about the team behind her performance and look and the process for the taping of her back up performance, with new choreography.

People behind the scenes include:

  • Choreography - Marko Panzic (part of last years planning for 'Don't Break Me' at Eurovision 2020)

  • Styling - Josie McManis

  • Make-up - Michelea Simone

  • Hair - Ricki Crisillio

  • Costume design - Miriam Sedic together with Josie McManis

You can watch Montaigne's full Vlog below.


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