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Moldova: Etapa Națională 2023 live audition results

Moldova kicked-off their national final Etapa Națională 2023 yesterday. 30 songs participated in the Live Audition Round of the national selection with 10 songs selected to proceed to the Grand Final on 4 March 2023. The songs were selected by a panel of jurors and the full process can be re-watched here.


  • Sunstroke Project – 'Yummy Mommy' (55 points)

  • Pasha Parfeni – 'Soarele şi luna' (53 points)

  • Donia – 'Red Zone' (52 points)

  • Aliona Moon – 'Du-mă' (49 points)

  • OL – 'Why You Play It Cool' (48 points)

  • Surorile Osoianu – 'Bade, bădişor, bădiţă' (47 points)

  • NÖRDIKA – 'Damn and down' (45 points)

  • Victor Gulick – 'Let’s Dance' (45 points)

  • Cosmina – 'Indestructible' (45 points)

  • Corina Ivanov – 'When Love’s Real' (44 points)

Each song was awarded points from the jurors with the Top 10 highest scoring songs making it to the final.

Two-time Moldovan Eurovision participates SunStroke Project topped the scoreboard with 'Yummy Mommy'. Could Liverpool mark their third participation at Eurovision? At Eurovision 2010 they finished 22nd in the Final with 'Run Away' and returned in 2017 with 'Hey, Mamma!' claiming 3rd place - Moldova's best result ever at Eurovision.

Second place on the night was Pasha Parfeny with 'Soarele şi luna'. Pasha has a long history with the Moldovan national finals and Eurovision. Formally being the lead singer of SunStroke Project, leaving the group in 2009 to pursue a solo career. In 2012 he represented Moldvoa at Eurovision with 'Lăutar' placing 11th in the final. For the 2013 contest he composed 'O mie' and accompanied Aliona Moon on stage during the performance behind that iconic piano.

Another notable returning artist was Aliona Moon with 'Du-mă'. Aliona too has a long history with the Moldovan national finals and Eurovision. She is best known for representing Moldova at Eurovision 2013 with 'O mie', placing a respectable 11th in a strong final.

The final taking place on 4 March 2023 will be decided on a combination of televote and jury scores.

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