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Melodifestivalen 2021 - Who Are The Ones To Watch?

Over the last three nights, we brought you the announcements of the twenty-eight competing Melodifestivalen artists as they were revealed, and now that they’ve all been announced, here’s just a few of the artists we think you should keep an eye on to possibly take out the crown.

Danny Saucedo

'Dandi Dansa'

Longtime followers of Melodifestivalen are no stranger to powerhouse Danny Saucedo. He’s competed three times before, either as a solo act or in a group, and has never placed below third place. His status as a household name in Sweden could be enough to get him all the way to the final, which automatically places him as one to watch in the competition next year.

However, the song title ‘Dandi Dansa’ suggests that the song may be in Swedish, and, with the notable exception on Sami powerhouse Jon Henrik Fjallgren, songs that aren’t English don’t tend to do too well at Melodifestivalen.


'Little Tot'

Dotter is back for the second time in a row, and this time hoping to win. Dotter’s ‘Bulletproof’ was a favourite of many Melodifestivalen and Eurovision fans, and she lost to The Mamas earlier this year by only a single point!

The question is now on whether Dotter can hold her own in a field of big names and multiple Melodifestivalen winners.

The Mamas

'In the Middle'

Sometimes, the third time’s the charm – and that’s what The Mama’s must be hoping for this year. After winning the competition as backing singers in 2019, and then in their own right earlier this year, they’re hoping to take out the competition next year and finally make it to Rotterdam!

With two Melodifestivalen wins under their belt already, their definitely ones to watch. And it doesn’t hurt having a Melodifestivalen winner (Robin Stjernberg) co-writing the song.



Tusse, although a debut Melodifestivalen artist, is one of the most important artists of the year. He won “Swedish Idol” in 2019, and was essentially given an invitation to the show by Melodifestivalen boss Christer Björkman, who told him he was “welcome to Melodifestivalen whenever you want”.

Eric Saade

'Every Minute'

Eric Saade might just be the most ‘Popular’ artist competing this year. This ‘Manboy’ (who, at this point, is just a man now), is sure to leave a ‘Sting’ on the other competitors.

With three high-ranking Melodifestivalen entries in the past, including a win, Eric is sure to make a splash with the audiences both in Sweden and around the world.

He’s been fierce competition in the past with three memorable songs, so could he take the crown for a second time a decade on from Düsseldorf?

You can check out all 28 artists taking part in Melodifestivalen here.


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