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Melfest 2020 songs - Casual viewers give their verdict

Over the last week we have been trying to work out who will win Melodifestivalen and represent Sweden at Eurovision in Rotterdam.

The Aussievision team had our favourites, we put together a Fan Press Jury and also found out what fans waned in an online poll (You can see those results here).

But are we being too insular? What song resonates most with those who only casually watch these contests?

We asked a few people 'outside the bubble' what they thought of four of the favourites: The Mamas with 'Move', Anna Bergendahl with 'Kingdom Come', Dotter with 'Bulletproof' and Felix Sandman with 'Boys with Emotions'.

They all rated the songs out of 10, with some providing commentary. This was the result:

The Mamas - 'Move'

3 x winners

6.9 average score

Sandi: Oh my god I love this Lost half a point for sounding like that “Life oh life etc” song from the 90’s that I DETEST!!! My winner though. 9/10

Dan: Looks like the Muses from Hercules doing sign language. Sounds like a Jessica Mauboy cover. It’s a competent song with plenty of charm, but their diction is HORRIBLE, you can barely understand the words. 7/10

Kate: Catchy and has a good feeling. My winner out of this list but I probably wouldn't vote for it at Eurovision 7/10

Jess: Okay it's an overall good song but I feel like I've heard it before/been there done that. I do get that it's very Eurovision ballad, but I'm not really feeling it. Was a bit bored when I listened to it in the car and turned it off about half way through. Love the ladies singing but even with the staging I'm not really massive fan there 5/10

Howard: Could've been more but sound wasn't the greatest with one singer too loud. My winner of these four but I probably wouldn't vote for it at Eurovision 7/10

Dan M: 7/10

Jamie: 6.5/10

Anna Bergendahl - 'Kingdom Come'

1 x winner

6.6 average score

Dan W: Looks like Gaga. Sounds like Bonnie Tyler. Its camp. Its Eurovision. Theres nothing not to like. 7/10

Howard: Song went "on and on and on" 5/10

Jess: I like this song I think it's probably my pick out of them all. It’s little bit different but I feel like it's quite catchy . I also like the staging and the sound almost gives me a Fleetwood Mac meets ABBA vibe which I really like. A bit different and I would listen to in the car more than once 8/10

Sandi: Such a classic Eurovision song which means its not my taste but I can respect it for that quality 9/10

Jamie: Anna oozes confidence 7/10

Kate: Weirdish. 3/10

Dan M: 7/10

Dotter - 'Bulletproof'

1 x winner

6.3 average

Howard: Very Eurovision I feel, but not my cup of tea 6/10

Dan W: Looks like your sister going to a festival. Sounds like like Bjork singing a SIA song. It’s a catchy number – nothing new but I like it. Her disco t*ts are a fun moment. This would be my winner out of the four, though I rate them all the same. 7/10

Jess: I think this potentially could get through. It's definitely very modern and it sounds good through the radio it's also nice to watch on stage I like her little head bob. I think it's got potential to be up there in the finalists at Eurovision. It's a yes from me 8/10

Kate: Found it a little clunky and repetitive 3/10

Sandi: I loved it to start but then got bored it needed a bigger more dramatic feeling chorus 9/10

Dan M: 6/10

Jamie: 5/10

Felix Sandman - 'Boys with Emotions'

2 x winner

6.6 average score

Jamie: It’s terrible, but the music is good and will get stuck in your head. I’ll give this one the winner. It’s the better song though and will def get stuck in people’s heads. His voice isn’t the best, but it’s just damn catchy. 7.5/10

Jess: ha ha at first when started listening to this song I couldn't stop laughing - It reminded me of a Saturday night live skit crossed with Zoolander. Then I realised I was laughing and it probably defeats the purpose of the words in the song - and I guess it’s 2020 so we're thinking about that stuff now - feelings. Does that mean I have the mentality of a “boomer”. Who knows. Anyway, Its fun it's ridiculous but I kinda love it. I don’t think it would win though. 7/10

Howard: Sounds like every other boy band (maybe worse), not original 4/10

Sandi: Totally don’t like it just gave it seven for the message behind the lyrics. 7/10

Kate: I liked the song but not his voice, but the song grows on you! 6/10

Dan W: Looks like Eminem. Sounds like Troye Sivan doing a PSA on toxic masculinity. It feels a bit different to the others… I could imagine this on a radio with some better lyrics. 7/10

Dan M: My winner, would vote for this but some nervous vocals 8/10


After it was announced that Anis Don Demina won the rehearsal audience poll with the song 'Vem e som oss' we managed to talk to a few of the same jurors to get their thoughts.

Jess: Love it. Love the magazine cover with staging 9/10

Howard: That was SO cool. I wish I knew what he was saying; the story behind it looks interesting. Staging was cool and great energy. Hope he wins! 9/10

Dan M: That’s so cool! Great energy . SHU SHU !!! I’d give a 9/10 for sure.

So even though we couldn't go back out to the full casual viewer jury, we'd have to say that Anis Don Demina could possibly stand out for the once-a-year watcher. Otherwise the top chances all look to have around the same impact...

We'll find out tomorrow who will take out the title.

You can tune into Melodifestivalen at 6:00am AEDT via


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