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Melbourne-based performer Tanzer set to audition for 'Una Voce per San Marino' to go to Eurovision

That's right - there's the opportunity for another Australian to take part in the world's biggest singing Contest in May 2022, as an Australian performer will be auditioning to represent San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Melbourne-based performer Hayley Tanzer has had a dream of representing Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest for several years. She has applied for 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' on all three occasions, but has unfortunately not been selected.

Known simply by the stage name of Tanzer, the performer has all of the campy, extravagant ridiculousness and glamour that Eurovision has become known for.

Next month, Tanzer will make the journey to the other side of the world to audition for 'Una Voce per San Marino' in an attempt to represent the micronation "with the same population as Frankston" at the Eurovision Song Contest.

In an interview with ABC, Tanzer discussed just how she came to audition to take part in the Sammarinese national final.

Tanzer began considering representing another nation at Eurovision after a Polish artist approached her asking to write a song for their Eurovision entry. After investigating entry requirements, it soon became obvious that most nations required performers to be from the country. San Marino, however, is an exception.

"Of course I sent my song, and they wrote back straight away and said: yes, you're appropriate for this competition."

Tanzer will compete in the second round of the emerging artists casting and auditions round, set to take place in the second week of January, as one of more than a hundred artists from around the world attempting to be the Sammarinese act in Turin.

The Melbourne-based performer has been a Eurovision fan for years. She spent her childhood living in Rome when she moved their for her father's work, and became obsessed with the performances.

"I was a six-foot-tall, queer, strange eccentric teen, and it was a very difficult time. Becoming a creative, there was always that element of high glamour, ridiculousness with a straight face that I learned from Eurovision. I created a new escapist world for myself."

Despite it being her dream for so long, the closest that Tanzer has ever made it to appearing on the Eurovision stage was when she acted as the bassist for Ella Hooper during 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' in 2019.

Tanzer has quickly found she has an affinity with the tiny micronation. She speaks Italian, and even considers herself an "underdog", much like the nation has been seen as by Eurovision fans far and wide.

"I'm such a fan of San Marino in Eurovision. I understand what it's like to be the soulful underdog, full of heart, just like my San Marino foremothers."

During her time in San Marino throughout the auditioning process, Tanzer will actually be staying at Valentina Monetta's spare AirBnb.

'Una Voce per San Marino' is one of the longest and most complex national finals of the 2022 season, featuring two separate week-long academy and casting rounds, an emerging artists round of four semi-finals, a second-chance round, and an emerging artists final, and then a televised grand final featuring nine emerging artists and nine established artists.

And you can check out Tanzer's music video for 'Deep Fried Disco' below:

Source: ABC Australia


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