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San Marino: 84 artists announced for the Emerging Acts Round in 'Una Voce per San Marino'

That's right, a massive 84 artists will compete in the emerging acts phase of the new Sammarinese national final, shortlisted to participate in the casting round set to be held between December 13 and 15 at the Teatro Titano in San Marino.

These 84 acts come from more than 200 submissions into the emerging artists category. The acts come from twenty-six countries around the world, and they have been invited to participate in an academy that will act as the preliminary casting round for the competition.

The acts performing on Day 1 on December 13:

  1. The Sidèra

  2. Rosario Bottone

  3. Diego Federico

  4. Giada Pintori

  5. Carlo Audino

  6. Jacob Simpson

  7. Marvin Schories

  8. Pascale Filomena Pia

  9. March. & Kiera Chaplin

  10. Stefan Varga

  11. DanyWise

  12. Camille Cabaltera

  13. Giovanni & Tinashe

  14. Andrea Rutigliano

  15. Alessandro Stocco

  16. Susanna Reppucci

  17. Pietro Peloso

  18. Juri Mattia

  19. Joe Romano & TheStolenClipper

  20. Christopher Grevener

  21. Giuseppe Meca

  22. Aaron Sibley

  23. Jack Marsina & Sara De Blue

  24. Leandro Aponte

  25. Manuel Piccoli

  26. Myky Petillo

  27. Rosario Bottone

  28. Vanja Vatle

  29. Secondo e Rosanna duo

  30. Vanessa Semprini

  31. Jessica Anne Condon

  32. Theodor Xir

  33. Alessandra Simone

  34. Luca Cima

  35. Hayley Foster

  36. Gisele Abramoff

  37. Carlo Audino

  38. Silvia Cialona

  39. Nanowar Of Steel

  40. Mattia Di Bernardo

The acts performing on Day 2 on December 14:

  1. Sara Ricci

  2. Florent Amare

  3. Tothem

  4. Silvestrov

  5. Charles Onyeabor

  6. Williams Leslie Yapi

  7. Maria Marchione

  8. Laura Maria Giuliani

  9. Giorgio Borghes Aka Claudia F

  10. Marco D’Annunzio

  11. Francesca Bernardini

  12. Maria Chiara Leoni

  13. Rafel Senzacorona

  14. Daniela Pisciotta

  15. Marco Murrone

  16. Elisa Del Prete

  17. Annalaura Princiotto

  18. Elettra Benedetto

  19. Ylva & Linda

  20. Waleska Lafitte

  21. Angela Madonia

  22. Ferdinand Rennie

  23. Massimiliano Tufo

  24. Garon x Duan

  25. Lance Soliman

  26. Alessandro Iannone

  27. Martina Gaetano

  28. Cassidy Civet

  29. Fulvio Vasarri

  30. Yana Gorbunova

  31. Derek Conyer

  32. Ginevra Bencivenga

  33. Alessia Labate

  34. Marta Mormone

  35. Annalaura Princiotto

  36. Sara Mascella

  37. Jennifer Turri

  38. MST

  39. Alex Ferro

  40. Panagiotis Tsakalakos

The acts performing on Day 3 on December 15:

  1. Leandro Pallozzi

  2. Nico Calvano

  3. Diego Federico

  4. Matilde Pieri

Each act will be given a total of 12 minutes to impress the judges in this first academy round. A second academy and casting round will take place in early January.

Following these two rounds, the selected artists will go into a series of seven shows in February. These will consist of four semi-finals, a second chance round, and a final for the emerging artists. This will then go on into a Grand Final, where nine of the emerging artists will compete against nine big artists, who will be directly invited to the competition.

Looking at the list of competing artists, some Eurovision fans will notice the inclusion of Sara de Blue. The Austrian artist took part in the Austrian national final in 2016, but failed to make it into the final. She also competed in San Marino's previous national final, '1 in 360', where she placed second.

Other notable performers include Munich-based Brazilian pop singer-songwriter Gisele Abramoff, Italian comedy heavy metal band Nanowar of Steel, and Greek-American singer Panagiotis Tsakalakos (who won 'Greek Idol' in 2011),

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