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Megara to represent San Marino at Eurovision 2024

Photo courtesy of Megara Instagram

Eurovision's smallest country has wrapped their lengthy national selection. Spanish band Megara was announced as having the honour of representing the micronation at Eurovision 2024 with their song '11:11'. The group previously attempted to represent Spain at Eurovision 2023 by competing at that year's Benidorm Fest.

Megara beat out well-known Italian singer and Björn Borg's ex-wife Loredana Bertè who finished runners-up. Jalisse who represented Italy at Eurovision 1997 finished tenth.

Here are the full rankings:

  1. Megara - '11:11'

  2. Loredana Bertè - 'Pazza'

  3. La Rua - 'Governo del cuore'

  4. Aimee Atkinson - 'A Dare for Love'

  5. Boom! - 'Dance like This'

  6. Marcella Bella - 'Chi siamo davvero'

  7. Dana Gillespie - 'The Last Polar Bear'

  8. XGiove - 'Nostalgia'

  9. Mate - 'Big Mama'

  10. Jalisse - 'Il paradiso è qui'

  11. Masala & Foresta - 'Paranoia'

  12. Daudia - 'With You'

  13. Aaron Isbley - 'Human'

  14. Corona, Ice MC, Wlady feat. DJ Jad - 'Questa volta'

  15. Kida - 'Invincible'

  16. Dez - 'Freedom'

  17. Pago - 'Il protagonista'

This year's Una voce per San Marino was another extended process. There were several months of live auditions, before five semi-finals were held in mid February. Australia's Jucaso participated in the second semi-final. From there 17 acts were selected to compete in the grand final. There was also a second chance round from which Megara actually had to qualify from - so an excellent turn of fortunes for them.

San Marino will compete at Eurovision for the fifteenth time in the 2024 contest. They made their debut in 2008 and have made the final three times. Their most successful entry remains 'Say Na Na Na' which was sung by Turkish national Serhat in 2019, which finished in 19th place.

The micronation will compete in the second half of the second semi-final of Eurovision 2024. The national final result could be seen as an excellent strategic move by San Marino given Megara's home country Spain will be voting in that semi-final.

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