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Manu Bahtidão interpolates Eurovision 2023 winning song 'Tattoo' with her single 'Daqui Pra Sempre'

Brazilian singer Manu Bahtidão has released her new song 'Daqui Pra Sempre' ('From Here Forever'). If you think it sounds familiar, you'd be right - the song interpolates this year's Eurovision winning song, 'Tattoo' by Loreen!

'Daqui Pra Sempre' is the first single off a new DVD release by Manu. The song has already amassed over four million views on YouTube, and almost 500,000 streams on Spotify, in just four days since its release on September 23.

The Brazilian pop star started her music career at 14-years-old in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil. During her early career she performed with various bands, amassing a number of successful hits which went on to be covered by other artists. Then, from 2015, Manu switched gears to become a solo artist. She released a hit single, 'Não Tem Essa Que Não Chora' with Simone Mendes back in 2017 which has over 27 million views on YouTube.

Manu wrote 'Daqui Pra Sempre' along with Ricardus Maximus and Thallyson Lima. The melody of the song borrows heavily from Loreen's second Eurovision winning song 'Tattoo'.

Manu debuted the new song along with Brazilian singer-songwriter and actress Simone Mendes in an August 2023 show at the D&E Music venue in Fortalez, Brazil. The show was recorded for a new DVD release by Manu 'Machucantes da Manu'.

'Tattoo' itself has seen huge success since Loreen's Eurovision win in Liverpool back in May. The song has reached No. 1 on the music charts in 10 countries across Europe and reached the top 20 in over two dozen countries around the world. On the Billboard Global chart 'Tattoo' has peaked at No. 15.

Its success has seen 'Tattoo' amass over 280 million streams on Spotify and it is currently the fifth most streamed Eurovision song ever.

It comes as no surprise that 'Tattoo' would be influencing other artists round the world.

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