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Malta: MESC 2023 quarter-final results

MESC 2023 logo and slogan (PBS)

This morning, Malta have revealed the acts progressing to the semi-final of their national final, Malta Eurovision Song Contest (MESC) 2023.

Who Qualified?

Some of the artists who participated in the second quarter final of MESC (PBS)

The 40 acts originally announced to compete in MESC were narrowed down to 24 when the qualifiers were announced at the end of the fourth quarter-final.

The entries qualifying to the semi final are listed below:

  • Fabrizio Faniello - ‘Try To Be Better”

  • Eliana Gomez Blanco - ‘Guess What’

  • Christian Arding - ‘Eku Ċar’

  • Geo Debono - ‘The Mirror’

  • Mikhail Attard “Leħen Fiċ-ċpar”

  • Nathan Psaila - ‘Creeping Walls’

  • Klinsmann - ‘Piranha’

  • The Busker - 'Dance (Our Own Party)'

  • Maxine Pace - 'Alone'

  • Ian - 'On My Own'

  • Dario Bezzina - 'Bridle Road'

  • Brooke - 'Checkmate'

  • Mark Antony Bartolo - 'Tears'

  • Dan - 'It'll Be Ok'

  • Matt Blxck - 'Up'

  • Andre - 'Broken Hill'

  • Bradley Debono - 'Blackout'

  • Cheryl Balzan - 'La La Land'

  • Dominic and Anna - 'Whatever Wind May Blow'

  • Greta Tude - 'Sound Of My Stillettos'

  • Ryan Hili - 'In The Silence'

  • Stefan Galea - 'Heartbreaker'

  • Giada - 'I Depend On You'

  • Chris Grech - 'Indescribable'

Brooke - 'Checkmate' - One of the qualifiers (Eurovision Song Malta)

The Busker - 'Dance (Our Own Party)' - Another qualifier (Eurovision Song Malta)

Sadly these entries were not so lucky and did not qualify:

  • Haley - ‘Tik Tok’

  • Stefan Xureb - ‘What Do You Want?’

  • Clintess - ‘Lura Qatt’

  • Jason Scerri - ‘Anything Can Happen’

  • Maria Debono - ‘X’Allegrija’

  • Francesca Sciberras - 'Masquerade'

  • Lyndsay - 'Haunted'

  • Marie Claire - 'Thankful'

  • Kirstie - 'Girls Get Down'

  • Dario - 'Pawn In A Game'

  • James Louis - 'Dream'

  • Jessika - 'Unapologetic'

  • John Galea - 'Trailblazer'

  • Jake - 'Love You Like That'

  • Maria Christina - 'Our Flame'

Aidan's disqualification

Between the quarter-finals and the results reveal, the song 'Reġina' by Aidan was disqualified due to allegedly breaching anti-publicity rules put in place by PBS. This previous Aussievision article provides a full breakdown of why his disqualification occurred.

Above: Aidan, whose song 'Reġina' was disqualified (PBS)

Where can we watch the performances?

A full replay of each of the quarter-final shows can be found on the official TVM website.

What happens next?

The 24 qualified acts will take part in the semi-final which takes place on Friday the 10th of February, with 16 songs qualifying to the Final held on Sunday the 12th of February (Australian dates).

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