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Måneskin release third studio album 'Rush!'

The wait is over! Eurovision 2021 winners, Måneskin, have release their third studio album, 'Rush!'.

Hot off the heals of their huge international success, Måneskin started recording their newest offering in Los Angeles back in 2021, working with Swedish producer Max Martin on their latest offering.

Martin has produced music for some of the biggest names in the business (and we mean BIG) including Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Pink to name a few. He also has co-written an impressive 25 Billboard Hot 100 number one hits in the United States.

Måneskin's new album is bilingual, with the first portion of songs in English and then the rest in Italian. The band said in a statement:

"Because we feel like the Italian music part is such a strong part of us and our culture and our background. We didn't want the Italian music to be here and there every once in a while in the track list. We wanted to create a block that represents the foundation everything is built around."

Luckily, we have already been blessed with several of the tracks from 'Rush'. The first single ‘Mammamia’ was released back in October 2021.

In Turin for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, Måneskin performed their follow up single ‘Supermodel’ on stage.

Another release, ‘Gasoline’ was written as a tribute to the people of Ukraine.

In April 2022 at Coachella Festival, when the song was performed, vocalist Damiano spoke in support of Ukraine, and took some words from a speech by Charlie Chaplin in the movie ‘The Great Dictator’.

In big news, especially for lovers of rock, for their latest single release 'Gossip', Måneskin collaborated with the legendary Tom Morello, iconic guitarist from Rage Against the Machine.

Since their Eurovision win in 2021, Måneskin have been very busy touring the world wowing crowds and making new fans. They have appeared at some of the world's biggest festivals including Glastonbury. The band has just finished the USA leg of the 'Loud Kids Get Louder' tour, and in February will embark on the European leg of the tour, including dates in Italy, until May.

Måneskin - 'Rush!'

Track list

  1. 'Own My Mind'

  2. 'Gossip' Feat. Tom Morello

  3. 'Timezone'

  4. 'Bla Bla Bla'

  5. Baby Said

  6. 'Gasoline'

  7. 'Feel'

  8. 'Don't Wanna Sleep'

  9. 'Kool Kids'

  10. 'If Not For You'

  11. 'Read Your Diary'

  12. 'Mark Chapman'

  13. 'La Fine'

  14. 'Il Dono Della Vita'

  15. 'Mammamia'

  16. 'Supermodel'

  17. 'The Loneliest'

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