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Kebab unmasked as 'Australia Decides' Star on 'The Masked Singer Australia'

Warning: The following article contains 'The Masked Singer Australia' spoilers.

After a very sassy performance of 'Juice' by Lizzo, the guessing panel and 'Masked Singer' superfans decided to unwrap the Kebab mask on 'The Masked Singer Australia' tonight, and he was revealed to be 'Australia Decides' 2020 star Jack Vidgen!

Guesses from the celebrity guessing panel for the identity of 'Kebab' ranged from famous faces such as Britney Spears and Rebel Wilson, to former 'The Masked Singer Australia' celebrity guest panelist Lindsay Lohan, Years and Years lead singer Olly Alexander, and even fellow 'Australia Decides' alumni Courtney Act.

However, fans were quick to guess the name of the star behind the Kebab mask, and one celebrity panelist was able to guess Jack's identity from very early on in the series. Jackie O correctly guessed that Kebab was indeed Jack Vidgen.

Let's get to know more about the kebab-ulous Jack Vidgen by decoding the cryptic clues from the show:

  • Jack is from Mona Vale, New South Wales, Australia, located in Sydney's Northern Beaches. His hometown was referenced in Episode 4, when Kebab exclaimed "I'm Australian as. A real beach baby."

  • Jack Vidgen rose to fame by winning the fifth season of 'Australia's Got Talent' in 2011. Many clues made reference to his participation and victory on the show, from Episode 4's quote "do you remember the first time you've had a kebab? ... Is the first time always the best?", to Episode 7 "one taste of a kebab and you know I'm a winner". In Episode 6, Kebab stated that his appearance on 'The Masked Singer' was "not the first time [he] cleaned up", hinting at his triumph a decade earlier.

  • Several references about Jack's appearance were also made, from the bleach in Episode 6 referring to his bleached hair, to Kebab saying he "like(s) to look good".

  • In Episode 8, Kebab described themselves as "lamb, lamb to the slaughter", hinting at Jack's experience with online trolls.

  • Kebab's gender was called into question during his first episode of the show. He responded with "here's what I can say about that. Mostly I'm one but I have been known to be the other". This was a nod to Jack Vidgen's appearances in drag on social media.

  • A clue in Episode 7 was related to a certain celebrity thinking Kebab was "desirable". Later that episode, celebrity panellist Jackie O disclosed that her radio co-host “Kyle [Sandilands] said he had a crush on the female [version of] Jack Vidgen” upon seeing pictures of Jack in drag online. In Episode 8, Kebab stated that they liked to "frock up for fun".

  • The statement "I might look innocent, quiet at times, but with a bit of hot sauce, I go off, I'm a bit of a wild one" - contrasted Jack's first appearance on Australian screens as a child in 'Australia's Got Talent' with his most recent stint in the Australian bush on the most recent series of 'I'm A Celebrity...' Australia.

  • Some clues also pointed to Jack Vidgen's 'Australia Decides 2020' song 'I Am King I Am Queen' - with the statement "a kebab's van is his castle" denoting the home of the two titular monarchs.

  • In Episode 4, a pool ball was shown with the number 15 on it – Jack Vidgen received 15 televote points from the public in ‘Australia Decides’ 2020.

  • In Episode 8, two backing dancers dressed as judges held up cards with the number 8 on it, and another one held up a tomato, possibly alluding to his eighth place finish in ‘Australia Decides’ 2020.

Did you manage to guess that Jack was under the Kebab mask? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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