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Kate Miller-Heidke releases new song 'I Am My Own Panther Now' from the ABC TV series 'Preppers'

Australia’s 2019 Eurovision Song Contest representative Kate Miller-Heidke is back with a comical new song 'I Am My Own Panther Now' from the ABC TV series 'Preppers'.

First Nations actor, writer and comedian Nakkiah Lui has written a new comedy series with Gabriel Dowrick, called 'Preppers'. The six-part series is directed by Steven McGregor.

'Preppers' follows the story of Charlie, played by Nakkiah Lui, a young Aboriginal woman whose world crumbles around her after experiencing a personal, cataclysmic event.

Nakkiah Lui, who plays Charlie in the centre, Image Credit: ABC TV

The show made its debut this week on ABC TV, with the whole series now streaming on iView:

Scene with Kate Miller-Heidke and Nakkiah Lui from Preppers, Image Credit: ABC TV

Kate Miller-Heidke makes an appearance in the series in episode two. Without spoiling too much the episode involves a myth about a panther, aka Penrith panther, hallucinations, Kate Miller-Heidke and a cheeky performance of 'I Am My Own Panther Now'. It also goes operatic! But you will have to watch the series to see how this all makes sense! It's a must see!

'I Am My Own Panther Now' is available now on iTunes and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.


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