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Käärijä wins 'You're a Vision Award' for most remarkable outfit at Eurovision 2023

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Käärijä has taken out the second ever 'You're a Vision Award' for most remarkable outfit at Eurovision 2023.

The popular Finnish artist won the award for his striking green “bolero jacket” which become Käärijä's signature look all Eurovision season.

The award was voted on by fans and saw Finland take the crown ahead of Croatia's Let 3 in 2nd place and Gustaph from Belgium in 3rd.

Photo credit: Corinne Cumming / EBU

The award has replaced the infamous Barbara Dex award that for most of its history was given to the worst outfit judged by fans.

The 'You're a Vision Award', run by Belgian site, celebrates the best and most remarkable outfit at the Contest.

Australia's own Sheldon Riley won last year's inaugural 'You're a Vision Award' with his custom made outfit by Melbourne designer Alin Le'Kal which weighed an incredible 40kg.

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