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Junior Eurovision 2023: What we know so far

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Well if you haven't heard already, the 2023 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in France after they won Junior Eurovision 2022 with the epic 'Oh maman!' by Lissandro.

While we don't have too much information yet, we can tell you what we know to date. Junior Eurovision isn't that far away so let's take a look!

When and where will Junior Eurovision be held?

Junior Eurovision 2023 will be held on Sunday 26 November 2023 in the beautiful French Riveria city of Nice in Palais Nikaia. This will be the 21st Junior Eurovision Contest. French broadcaster France Télévisions is responsible for the show.

The theme for the Contest this year is "Heroes" as revealed during an EBU conference about the show back in May.

“Some serious topics like the environmental theme were extremely present in many songs of the last contest, and the children are the real Heroes of tomorrow, and they are the ones who have the solutions. So we wanted to let them empower themselves!”

How to get tickets to the show?

Information about tickets is not yet available.

Will Australia be competing?

SBS and the ABC have confirmed with Aussievision that Australia will not be competing at Junior Eurovision in 2023.

After participating for five years between 2015 to 2019, Australia will miss the competition for the fourth year in a row. Both SBS and most recent broadcaster ABC ME have no plans to participate or broadcast the Contest in Australia.

Australians will still be able to watch Junior Eurovision via the official YouTube account.

Who will be participating in the 2023 Contest?

So far, 15 countries have confirmed their participation into this year's contest. Last year, 16 countries competed.

The countries confirmed are:

  • Albania

  • Armenia

  • France

  • Georgia

  • Germany

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Malta

  • Netherlands

  • North Macedonia

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Spain

  • Ukraine

  • United Kingdom

Have the artists or songs been announced yet?

Artists - yes (some); songs - not yet.

Let's take a look at what we know so far!


Georgia has again used the talent show 'Ranina' to choose their Junior Eurovision entry. There was a familiar face on the panel for Georgia's national final with Eurovision 2011 entrant Sopho Toroshelidze (Eldrine - 'One More Day') taking part.

11-year-old Anastasia Vasadze will represent Georgia this year.

North Macedonia

This year, North Macedonia has opted for an internal selection for their 2023 entrant with Tamara Grujeska being selected.

The 13-year-old has won many music competitions both locally and abroad, and continues to study music and receive vocal training. There is a video circulating online of Tamara absolutely belting out Kaliopi's epic 2012 Eurovision song 'Crno i belo', high note and all! Check it out here.


'The Voice Kids' is once again being used to selected this year's entry for Portugal.

This years winner is Júlia Machado She is 12 years old and is schooled in the USA. Julia's performance of Adele's 'Hello' impressed judges and she earned her ticket to Nice. No details of her Junior Eurovision 2023 song are available yet.


11-year-old Sandra Valero will represent Spain at Junior Eurovision 2023.

The Spanish broadcaster held an online casting and received 114 entries. Sandra was chosen by the broadcaster and it has recently been revealed that Sandra would like to sing a ballad at the Contest in November. We will know more about the song in September.

Junior Eurovision 2023 will be held in Nice on November 26, 2023 (November 27, 2023 in Australia).

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Rebecca Leonard
Rebecca Leonard

The EBU is working to remove stress from Junior Eurovision, so one country I really miss, Norway, will approve of the EBU wanting to make the singers comfortable and could select the entrant internally since MGPjr is undergoing format changes. I'm doing everything I can to get one of the past three MGPjr winners to Palais Nikaia.

• Hennika Eggum Huuse (born 2009) - winner of MGPjr 2020

• Josefine Westgaard (born 2012) and/or Oskar Høgetiveit (born 2011) - winners of MGPjr 2021

• William Høyem Ribe (born 2009) - winner of MGPjr 2022

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