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Junior Eurovision 2019 - Portugal

The Aussievision team have listened and ranked all Junior Eurovision songs and we have our final rankings. Unfortunately for Portugal this saw them finish in 19th and last place.

The entry

Joana Almeida - Vem comigo (Come with Me)

One of the youngest singers in this year’s competition, 10-year-old Joana Almeida will represent Portugal. Joana booked her ticket to Gliwice when she was personally invited by Portuguese broadcaster RTP to represent her country, as a result of winning the children’s singing contest Gala Internacional dos Pequenos Cantores da Figueira da Foz in July.

“Vem comigo” (Come With Me) is the name of Joana’s song. Again, it is a song about climate change and hope. Joana wants to inspire her generation to believe that they can make a difference in protecting our planet.  She is quite passionate about nature, the environment and music. “Vem comigo” will be sung in Portuguese and English.

The Aussievision team rankings

  • Kyriakos - 15th

  • Liv - 16th

  • Fleur - 17th

  • Guy - 17th

  • Ally - 17th

  • Emma - 19th

  • Dale - 19th

  • Aaron - 19th

  • Mike - 19th

The comments

I cannot see this one win and unfortunately we will see this near the bottom of the scoreboard. The production is basic and it sounds rather slapdash compared to the other entries. The subject matter is the sujet du jour pour des enfants. Good message and I can see what she is trying to achieve. Joana is one of the youngest contestants and it is obvious here. Good effort though. ~ Fleur

Joana is likeable and cute and you really want her to succeed.... Unfortunately she's been given this song, which is probably the weakest I've ever come across in Eurovision or Junior Eurovision. Portugal will struggle with this one. ~ Dale

Firstly, thanks Portugal for not sending a song about social media. Variety is good!

In terms of the song, I’m not really a fan. I mean, the tune is alright, but I think my reaction to the complete package is just “meh”, for me it’s just going to get forgotten. ~ Ally

Another song about saving the planet with simple lyrics that don’t necessarily translate all that well to English. I found 10-year-old Joana’s vocals almost drowned out by the music at times. My kids didn’t like this at all. ~ Emma

Feels like a mismatch between the tone of the vocals and the backing music – her voice feels like it should be singing a sweet ballad whilst the music is a 2000s Euro-banger. It feels odd. ~ Liv

Portugal at JESC

Portugal is one of the minnows at JESC. This will be their sixth foray into the competition with 14th their best placing. They debuted in 2006 and also competed in 2007 - finishing second last in both years. They did not participate again until 2017, the year when the nation won its first Eurovision Song Contest with Salvador Sobral’s "Amar pelos dois".

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