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Junior Eurovision 2019 - Malta

With an average rank of just over 10th place, Malta has finished in 11th in the Aussievision Team's Junior Eurovision rankings.

Get details of the songs and our individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Eliana Gomez Blanco will represent Malta at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 with the song, “We Are More” after being selected by the Maltese broadcaster PBS in their National Selection back in August. Aged 14, Eliana is the 15th entrant from the island nation, bringing to the contest a varied experience of performing. She has represented Malta at numerous international festivals, taking high level vocal exams, appeared as a resident singer on Maltese TV, and competed in Malta’s National Selection in 2018 with "Music Takes Control”.

“We Are More” was written and composed by Rachel Suter, Jonas Thander, Joe Julian Farrugia and Kevin Lee, and allows Eliana’s strong vocals to feature prominently as well as the showcased Maltese language.

The Aussievision Team Rankings

  • Dale - 4th

  • Mike - 4th

  • Fleur - 10th

  • Liv - 12th

  • Emma - 12th

  • Guy - 13th

  • Kyriakos - 13th

  • Alyce - 14th

  • Aaron - 14th

The comments

This songs is probably the most mature and contemporary in the contest, and perhaps that's why I've ranked it so high. The Maltese parts work really well with the song and if Eliana can pull off a strong vocal, I can see this doing well with the juries. On the downside the 'We are More' lyrics are a little generic and it may not have enough to get love from the public. ~ Dale

Musically this reminds me of some recent Maltese entries at senior Eurovision i.e. Christabelle and Michela but I found the song a little boring. ~ Emma

Is this JESC or ESC? Eliana can really hold a note. This young feminist’s anthem is giving me

Christabel’s “Taboo” vibes. I think Eliana may be one of the oldest competitors in this year’s contest and her maturity is adamant here. This might be too much for JESC so it will be interesting to see how this entry will go. ~ Fleur

Another radio pop song with a rather catchy chorus. ~ Kyriakos

Slick. And IT HAS MALTESE LYRICS, something they don’t do nearly enough of

in either version of Eurovision. Might do well with the juries, again. However, “We Are More” doesn’t have a whole lot going on though, I need more. ~ Aaron

We are more...what? Apart from the title jarring me a little it is a good little song! For me it takes a while to find it’s straps but once it hits the Maltese part it comes to live. It is good but I do find it difficult to remember – the videoclip is visually interesting, hopefully they bring that to the staging. ~ Liv

Malta at Junior Eurovision

Malta has done incredibly well in Junior Eurovision, winning on two occasions in 2013 and 2015, with Gaia Cauchi (“The Start”) and Destiny Chukunyere (“Not My Soul") respectively, sticking with the formula of predominately English-language songs: a formula which they are shaking up this year. Last year Malta was represented by Ela Mangion with “Marchin’ On” who received 181 points and 5th place, keeping with Malta’s trend of top 10 placing since their break from the contest in 2011-2012.


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