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Johnny Manuel involved in dramatic coach walk off on The Voice Australia

Tonight’s episode of The Voice Australia saw the beginning of 'The Battles'. Each coach selects two of their artists to sing the same song with only one advancing to the next round.

In what was dubbed as a battle like you’ve never heard before, 2018 Eurovision artist Johnny Manuel came up against Mongolian throat singer Bukhu Gangburged who also scored a four chair turn in the blind auditions with his original composition ‘Mother and Father’.

Coach Guy Sebastian selected Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ for the artists and noted it was the most excited he had ever been about anything he had done as a coach on the show.

It was an epic battle, with the majority of the lyrics being sung by Johnny as Bukhu played the horse fiddle and used his throat singing to provide the melody.

75% of viewers at home chose Johnny as their winner, however the result was nowhere near as clear amongst the show's coaches.

Delta Goodrem and Kelly Rowland both felt like it wasn't a fair battle. Whilst both heaped praise on Johnny's performance, Delta said it seemed Bukhu was just a back-up player. Kelly agreed and thought Guy had chosen a song that didn’t allow Bukhu to shine.

Guy then admitted it wasn’t Bukhu’s singing voice that had turned his chair during the blind auditions, it was his playing of the horse fiddle and unusual singing style that he had to see.

Guy felt it would have been unfair to ask Bukhu to sing with his normal singing voice up against Johnny and argued Bukhu had not expressed a desire to sing more during their rehearsals, being happy to continue doing what he does best.

Show co-host Darren McMullen then put the artists on the spot, asking them if they felt the battle had been fair. Bukhu wasn't sure with Johnny adding that they just wanted to do justice to the song and showcase what each of them did individually.

The in-fighting between coaches then continued with Guy accusing Delta and Kelly of picking fights, saying they had turned the whole battle in to a circus. This incensed Kelly who dramatically walked off set, yelling that she wasn’t going to continue the argument in a move dubbed as ‘disrespectful’ by Guy.

After all of the drama, Johnny and Bukhu were left standing on stage and viewers will now have to wait until tomorrow night to discover which artist Guy takes through and whether the coaches can settle their differences!

See the drama unfold here -


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