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Is 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2023 still on the cards?

Yesterday, SBS held their 2023 Upfronts, a presentation of upcoming shows for the year ahead.

At the event, the Eurovision 2023 Contest in Liverpool was promoted but there was no mention of 'Australia Decides' for 2023, leading to speculation about its future.

Since then, TV Tonight has spoken to the SBS Director of Television Kathryn Fink confirming that there was nothing official to reveal yesterday.

“Not yet. We’re still working through some details on that,” she said.

Before adding, “There are different options, so we are kind of working through it. We love Eurovision so it’s exciting to be back.”

TV Tonight also commented that they understood that contract negotiations were yet to be finalised preventing a formal announcement of the national final yesterday during SBS Upfronts. They also went on to add that news could come as early as next week with the expectation that the song portal could also be officially opened.

The above also matches Aussievision's understanding, with some preparations for a show underway.

It is expected that if 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' were to go ahead that it will take place later that usual, with the 2019, 2020 and 2022 competitions being held in February.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted that Myf, who has hosted 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' with Joel Creasey since the inaugural competition in 2019, would not be available to take part in the production of 'The Rocky Horror Show' as the narrator from March 8 - 12 due to Eurovision commitments.

Therefore something Eurovision related or Australia Decides could be taking place around then, possibly on March 11.

As soon as there are official announcements on Australia Decides, we will bring you all details.

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