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Will 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' be held on March 11?

With no confirmed news on whether 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' will be taking place, speculation from Aussie fans has gone into overdrive.

There have been concerns that Australia wouldn't be competing (which were alleviated last week when we were named in the official Eurovision 2023 line-up) to whether 'Australia Decides' had been axed and an internal decision was incoming.

Unfortunately, we can't yet bring you any official news but there has been some public statements that could point towards a potential date.

Myf Warhurst, who has hosted 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' with Joel Creasey since the inaugural competition in 2019, is taking part in a production of 'The Rocky Horror Show' as the narrator.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted that Myf would not be available from March 8 - 12 due to previous commitments.

But a more recent public statement, which was raised by fan Srdjan Savic in the OGAE Australia facebook group, has now been updated to: "Myf will not perform from March 8-12 due to Eurovision commitments."

Now of course, this does not confirm 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' will take place, but it does appear something Eurovision related will be taking place around then.

What and where is yet to be revealed.

SBS has been contacted for comment.

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