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Ireland's Eurovision 2021 artist Lesley Roy releases her follow up single 'I'll be Fine'

Photo Credit: @ESCConor on Twitter

Irish 2020/21 Eurovision representative Lesley Roy has released her new song ‘I’ll be Fine’.

This is the first song Lesley has released since her Eurovision song ‘Maps’.

The song was written in Rotterdam just after her Eurovision semi final and is quite the upbeat summer bop. It’s a very personal song to Lesley, and it is all about talking yourself into feeling ok, and faking it until you feel ok.

Some lucky people have already heard the song before it was released on streaming platforms.

Lesley took the song for a “dry run” at a gig in Paris late last month, and she also held a pre-release party for ‘I’ll be Fine’, which took place in the early hours of this morning Australian time. Those in attendance at the pre party were lucky enough to hear both the studio track version of the song and an acoustic version performed by Lesley herself.

She has hinted at releasing an EP of the songs she wrote in 2020 while trying to write her 2021 Eurovision song before writing and settling on Maps, so Lesley Roy fans can hopefully expect some more music from her in the coming months. Since ‘I’ll be Fine’ was not one of the songs that could have been her Eurovision song, there’s still a few songs to come from Lesley.

After Eurovision Lesley took a well deserved holiday with wife Lauren, travelling to Dubai and Greece.

Lesley was originally internally selected to represent Ireland at Eurovision in 2020 with the song ‘Story of my Life’ before the contest was ultimately cancelled. She was then internally selected again for 2021 with ‘Maps’, delivering one of the most memorable stagings the contest has ever seen.

She did perform that gig in Paris in late July, but she will also be performing at Eurobash 2021 in October, alongside UK 2021 representative James Newman.

‘I’ll Be Fine’ is now available on iTunes and available on all the streaming platforms


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