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Interview: The Australia Decides Subwoolfer boys (unmasked)

On Saturday night in Australia, 11 acts performed on the Gold Coast for a spot at Eurovision in Turin.

But it was another pair of performers who almost stole the whole show - the Subwoolfer boys in the crowd!

The boys dressed up as Subwoolfer, who will represent Norway at Eurovision 2022 with 'Give That Wolf a Banana'

They were the most popular people in the crowd, set Twitter alight and appeared throughout the broadcaster.

We tracked them down and had a chat to find out more!

So unlike the real Subwoolfer you chose to reveal yourself, can you tell us about yourselves?

I’m Brenton and this is my partner Dougy. We’re 24 and 27 from Adelaide!

I work in Health Insurance and Dougy is about to complete his PhD in medical physics. I’m a performance artist with a dance background and he’s an academic with two left feet. Match made in heaven!

Can we presume you are a big fan of the song, is it your favourite so far this season? We are very big fans of the song! Ever since we heard it in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix it’s hooked us. We’re also very big fans of Sekret (excited for the revamp) and our own Sheldon Riley! That was an uncanny likeness to the actual costumes, how on earth did you make them? We tried to stay as true to the source material as we could. I measured pieces of EVA foam to resemble the ears and snout. I used an embossing heatgun to mould the foam into the desired shape. I opted to glue yellow fabric on instead of spray painting because I wanted to give the shapes a bit of texture. After a lot of measuring and gluing I got the shape I wanted for the masks! I was sewing the last of the elastic bands on half an hour before we had to leave.

What was the response like from fans in the stadium and online? We were showcased during the broadcast quite a big and as a result we blew up on Twitter! It was such a surreal experience! Subwoolfer retweeted us and people all over the world reached out to us.

It seemed like a race to find out “Who are the Australian Subwoolfers?!” The reception in house was incredible. So many photos taken and so many people’s day made… including ours! We couldn’t leave the venue because we were taking so many photos!

Dale and Mike from Aussievision with the boys

We saw that you continued to party during the night with them on, could you drink or eat with them on? Wasn't it hot to be in them?

We went to the OGAE after party at the Chameleon Lounge and the after party with some of the artists at the Pink Flamingo. The picture we got with Daniel from Voyager is our highlight.

With Danny from Voyager at the afterparty

It was very hot. We did however manage to take our masks off to enjoy a couple of frozen margaritas!

Did you enjoy the show and were you happy with the result? We thought the event was phenomenal! The SBS Eurovision production put on one hell of a show. Jaguar Jonze’s performance was so moving and Voyager’s set lit up the whole arena! Sheldon deserved the top spot with such a powerful song and will make us all so proud in Turin!

So what are your Eurovision stories, how did you both get into the contest? When Dougy saw my playlist the first night we met he couldn’t believe the amount of Eurovision that was on it. We’d both been fans for years and met completely by chance. We’d stayed up to 5:00am just talking Eurovision.

I’d performed locally as Verka Serduchka and Jedward around various venues in Adelaide. We decided we wanted to do more of this together and have been ever since!

And to finish, what are your Top 5 Eurovision songs of all time? We do have different Top 5s! Brenton:

1. 'Spirit In The Sky' - KEiiNO 2. 'We Could Be The Same' - maNga 3. 'Think About Things' - Daði Freyr 4. 'Love Injected' - Aminata 5. 'Zitti E Buoni' - Måneskin Dougy:

1. 'Heroes' - Måns Zelmerlöw 2. 'Euphoria' - Loreen 3. 'Undo' - Sanna Nielson 4. 'We Could Be The Same' - maNga 5. 'La Forza' - Elina Nechayeva

Thanks for your time!

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Watch the real Subwoolfer perform 'Give That Wolf a Banana' here:


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