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Interview: Leea Nanos builds on from Australia Decides performance

via @leeananos Instagram page

In February 2019 a then 16-year-old Leea Nanos stepped on to the Australia Decides stage to perform her own song 'Set Me Free'.

In front of a packed audience and hundreds of thousands of people at home, she gave a confident performance beyond her years and won over many fans.

She finished in 9th place on the night, including 7th with the Australian public vote.

In a matter of weeks she was back in school and getting used to life after living her dream.

But since Australia Decides Leea has done more than just finish High School.

Her Australia Decides song 'Set Me Free' won the UK Songwriting Prize for pop music and she released two singles 'Don't Call Me' and 'Bad Girl' which you can listen to her on her Spotify channel here.

You may have seen Leea pop on this year's coverage of Australia Decides in the Moroccan Oil Green Room and we managed to steal her away for a few minutes to chat to her on what she's been up to and what lies ahead for 2020. Watch below:


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