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In defence of... Electro Velvet

As part of a new series, we'll be looking at some of the artists, songs, shows, people and well basically anything that gets a fair bit of flack from fans.

We'll be putting up a defence about why it isn't as bad as some of you make out, and today we are starting with the wonderful entry from the United Kingdom - Electro Velvet's 'Still in Love With You'.

In 2013 the movie 'The Great Gatsby' hit screen across the world and with the release brought elements of fashion and music from the 1920s back into the mainstream.

The album went no.2 in Australia and the United States as well as no.3 on the compilation charts in the UK. The soundtrack produced singles like 'Young and Beautiful' from Lana Del Ray, 'A Little Party Never Killed Nobody' from Fergie and 'Bang Bang' from

So when the BBC put forward a 20s inspired song for Eurovision, it should have been a sure fire winner, no? Not quite.

Ok let's start with the obvious. This was a year too late, 2013 into 2014 was when the 20s craze was in, and much like many of the UK's efforts, it was the right song at the wrong time.

But look... the song itself is catchy and it's memorable - I mean how can anyone forget the immortal line: "You’re bound to get sneezes, or nasty diseases".

You don't forget sh*t like that and it GETS YOUR ATTENTION!

The original music video had 4.7 million views, only beaten by SuRie's stage invasion, Blue's 'I Can' and Joe and Jake in 2016 for UK Eurovision videos. So we know many of you wanted to see it and went back for more.

Don't deny it.

Going into Eurovision it also finished a respectable 15th in the OGAE Song Poll in a tough year, beating entries like 'Beauty Never Lies', 'Warrior' and 'This Time'.

At Eurovision itself the staging, was AMAZING... like seriously! There is no way you can say the BBC weren't trying.

Good camera angles, great LED use, the back up dancers were fantastic vocalists and they had light up outfits!

The vocal delivery was solid and certainly didn't take away from the song at all.

Alex Larke in particularly was passionate from the opening ceremony all the way up to his scat delivery.

On the negative I will say the chemistry and energy between himself and Bianca Nicholas wasn't amazing plus those light packs weren't flattering anyone and they probably didn't have the 'wow' factor the Brits were hoping for.

But perhaps the poor chemistry was also in relation to what were some pretty gross lyrics at times. Jealous boyfriend, appeasing girlfriend, it is a bit yuck. But I'm going to focus on the positives here...

All in all, it was a fun and memorable performance and whenever this song is played at any Eurovision event, everyone knows the words, whether they sing that through hate, love or in shame.

Whatever the case, this song makes you feel something, and that's what good art does!

This will live long and forever in the minds of Eurovision fans, which is more than the vast majority of entries will ever do.

Also, people accuse the UK of not sending a decent effort that represents their music industry, but have you actually seen some of the music that charts there?

The UK LOVE camp and cheese. Let's do a roll call of successful music artists: Steps, Daphne and Celeste, Fast Food Rockers, Mr Blobby, Peter Kay's Amarillo, Aled Jones, The Wombles, Gareth Gates, Peter Andre (you can have him), Anita Dobson, Cher Lloyd, Sam and Mark, The Teletubbies, Bob the Builder and Chico... we could go on...

It's not all Adele, Muse and Sam Smith people!

In the contest itself, it ultimately finished in 24th place with just five points.. but do remember it was a particularly competitive year.

I truly believe if it was in an earlier contest, it would have done... much better.

But we need to put things in perspective, for the decade finishing in 24th place was the 5th equal best for the United Kingdom and it even finished in 129th in the ESC250 of 2016.

Overall I feel this song will age like a relatively fine wine, yes it isn't the epitome of British music but it is a song that will stay with you. It had good energy, great staging and overall was fun and camp and I personally enjoyed every moment of it.

Look I do love anything 1920s inspired, but Australia did agree with me, putting this in 9th place of our 2015 televote.

This gets far too much fan hate, and Britain you should own and be proud of this song.

Because in the end, you've done much worse.

Do you agree or disagree, let us know - send your hate mail to or get us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - @aussievisionnet


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