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Iceland win OGAE Australia Eurovision 2020 vote

Last night the OGAE Australian Eurovision Fan Club held their annual "preview" party for the 2020 contest.

Traditionally these have been live events in Australia's major cities where attendees watch all entries and vote on their winner.

Due to COVID-19 the event went online with a 41st to 1st countdown based on votes taken from club members during the week.

Also making special announcements during the coverage were SBS Eurovision commentators Joel Creasey and Myf Warhurst as well as Hera Bjork (who was due to perform at the preview parties this year in Australia) and Go_A from Ukraine.

Iceland took out the title with 'Think About Things' from Daði og Gagnamagnið.

Runner-up was Australia with Montaigne's 'Don't Break Me' with Lithuania's The Roop taking out the bronze with 'On Fire'.

The full rankings are below:

  1. Iceland

  2. Australia

  3. Lithuania

  4. Switzerland

  5. Germany

  6. Norway

  7. Russia

  8. Italy

  9. Sweden

  10. Malta

  11. Israel

  12. Bulgaria

  13. Azerbaijan

  14. Spain

  15. United Kingdom

  16. Denmark

  17. Ukraine

  18. Romania

  19. Greece

  20. Latvia

  21. Finland

  22. Ireland

  23. Austria

  24. Czech Republic

  25. The Netherlands

  26. North Macedonia

  27. San Marino

  28. Serbia

  29. Cyprus

  30. Albania

  31. Belarus

  32. Georgia

  33. Armenia

  34. Poland

  35. Belgium

  36. Moldova

  37. Estonia

  38. Croatia

  39. Portugal

  40. Slovenia

  41. France

A few selected tweets from fans tuning in:


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