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How to vote details for Eurovision 2023

Image Source: SBS

Australian broadcaster SBS has revealed the voting details for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Changes to the voting system - 100% public vote in the semi-finals

This year, major changes in the Eurovision voting system have been announced. The ten countries that qualify from the two semi-finals are now decided solely based on votes from the public, rather than a combination of jury and televotes as has been the case since 2009.

Also, viewers from countries not taking part in the competition are able to vote online for their favourite songs. Their votes will be added together and converted to points that will have the same weight as one participating country in both the semi-finals and the Grand Final. The Grand Final result will continue to be decided by a combination of votes from the public and professional juries.

When to vote?

As per the official Eurovision rules, viewers can vote in the semi-final in which their country is participating, as well as the Grand Final.

Australian viewers are eligible to vote in semi-final 2 (in which Australia’s Voyager will perform) as well as the Grand Final. The voting window for semi-final 2 and the Grand Final opens after the last song has been performed, and ends 15 minutes later.

For Australian viewers, this means you are eligible to vote in the following two Eurovision Song Contest live events:

  • LIVE broadcast of Semi-Final 2, Friday 12 May, 5:00am (AEST)

  • LIVE broadcast of Grand Final, Sunday 14 May, 5:00am (AEST)

and then follow the voting instructions on screen during these live broadcasts (on SBS and at SBS on Demand).

How to vote?

All voting in Australia is done online through the official online voting portal which can be accessed via

  • The voting portal will be open to Australians during the voting period in Semi-Final 2 and the Grand Final.

  • Votes will be limited to 20 per person and will cost 65c per vote.

Who to vote for

Jury members and public voters can’t vote for their own country, so you can vote for any act in semi-final 2 and the Grand Final except Voyager.

However, you can vote for Australia's own Andrew Lambrou who will be representing Cyprus this year and is also drawn to compete in the second semi-final. He is song number 6.

You can also encourage your international friends and family to vote for Voyager. Details below:

LIVE early morning broadcasts

Semi-Final 1 – Wednesday 10 May at 5:00am AEST - already broadcast and available to stream via SBS On Demand Semi-Final 2 – Friday 12 May at 5:00am AEST ** FEATURING VOYAGER** Grand Final – Sunday 14 May at 5:00am AEST

Primetime evening broadcasts

Semi-Final 1 – Friday 12 May at 7:30pm AEST Semi-Final 2 – Saturday 13 May at 7:30pm AEST ** FEATURING VOYAGER** Grand Final – Sunday 14 May at 7:30pm AEST

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