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Hooverphonic will represent Belgium at Eurovision 2020 - details and fan reaction

Belgian broadcaster VRT have announced the band Hooverphonic will represent them at Eurovision 2020

This is the first artist announced for the contest in Rotterdam.

Hooverphonic were formed in 1995 with bassist Alex Callier and guitarist Raymond Geerts the only two to remain a constant throughout.

Their lead vocalist Luka Cruysberghs joined in 2018 and she is the sixth lead singer for the band since they formed.

They are a constant in the Belgian music charts with their last nine albums making the Top 10 and three of them going to number one.

They have also charted well in the Netherlands and have also made appearances in the Italian, French, Swiss and UK charts (their highest UK single was 'Mad About You' in 2000 which fell just outside the Top 100).

There is also a Eurovision connection with band member Alex Hillier co-writing 'A Matter of Time', the Belgian entry in 2017.

Fan reaction

Two broadcasters in Belgium responsible for Eurovision

Two Belgian broadcasters share responsibility for Eurovision, with each taking it in turn to send a representative to the contest. RTBF in the French speaking southern part of Wallonia and VRT in the Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north.

Appropriately for Rotterdam, it's VRT in the Dutch-speaking Flanders that will be sending their entry this year.

However the last time there was a Dutch language song was in 1996 and a French language song was 2006.

Hooverphonic have confirmed their song will be in English.

RTBF has the superior record of the two, being responsible for all 14 of their Top 5 places. In the 2010s, RTBF had the two highest ranked songs with Rhythm Inside' in 2015 and 'City Lights' in 2017 both finishing 4th.

However there was pair of Top 10s for VRT with 'Me and My Guitar' in 2010 and Australia's favourite 'What's the Pressure'.

Qualification record for RTBF is 38% to VRT's 29%.

Belgium is coming off two non-qualifications in a row and will be looking to make amends in neighbouring Netherlands.


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