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Greece's Eurovision 2021 artist Stefania releases new song ‘Mucho Calor’

Image Source: Stefania's Instagram page

Eurovision 2020/21 Greek representative Stefania has released her latest single, titled ‘Mucho Calor’.

The song was originally submitted to Greek broadcaster ERT as a potential song for Eurovision 2020, before SUPERG!RL was ultimately chosen. It was then also suggested to 2020 Cypriot representative Sandro as his potential Eurovision song, but he wanted a song with more of his personal touch so it wasn’t selected there either. After some changes, including a title change, it was once again submitted to ERT, this time for Eurovision 2021, but ultimately ‘Last Dance’ was chosen after a lot of factors were considered.

This is Stefania’s second single release of the year, after her Eurovision entry ‘Last Dance’.

Stefania represented Greece at Eurovision 2021, and was due to represent them in 2020 before the contest was ultimately cancelled. This year she finished 10th in the Grand Final with ‘Last Dance’, gaining 12 points from Cyprus, France and Georgia.

She also represented The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision in 2016 as part of the girl group Kisses, finishing in 8th place.

Check out the 'Mucho Calor' music video teaser here:

'Mucho Calor' is available now on iTunes and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.


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