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German Unity Day: Our Top 10 Eurovision songs from Germany

Today, 3 October, is Germany Unity Day which celebrates the formerly divided East and West Germany becoming one nation again. This day has been celebrated in Germany since 1990 and is a public holiday.

To celebrate Germany's long history at Eurovision, the Aussievision team has gone through all their entries since the very first Contest and provided their top 10 rankings in the traditional 12 points down to 1 system.

In the running are two former winners Nicole in 1982 with 'Ein bißchen Frieden' (which translates to "A Little Peace") and Lena in 2010 with 'Satellite'.

Also sure to snag a few votes is the 2006 entry from Texas Lightning featuring Australia's own Jane Comerford.

With many great songs to choose from, let's take a look at all songs that got votes from the team before we get to the Top 10.

=36. Leon - 'Planet of Blue' (1996) - 1 point

=36. Maxi and Chris Garden - 'Lied für einen Freund' (1988) - 1 point

=34. Ireen Sheer - 'Feuer' (1978) - 2 points

=34. Mary Roos - 'Nur die Liebe läßt uns leben' (1972) - 2 points

=32. Wencke Myhre - 'Ein Hoch der Liebe' (1968) - 3 points

=32. Margot Hielscher - 'Telefon, Telefon' (1957) - 3 points

=30. Elaiza - 'Is It Right' (2014) - 4 points

=30. Les Humphries Singers - 'Sing Sang Song' (1976) - 4 points


=27. Malik Harris - 'Rockstars' (2022) - 5 points

=27. Lou - 'Let's Get Happy' (2003) - 5 points

=27. Sürpriz - 'Reise nach Jerusalem – Kudüs'e Seyahat' (1999) - 5 points

26. Katja Ebstein - 'Theater' (1980) - 6 points

25. Chris Kempers and Daniel Kovac - 'Frei zu leben' (1990) - 7 points

=23. Roger Cicero - 'Frauen regier'n die Welt' (2007) - 8 points

=23. Katja Ebstein - 'Diese Welt' (1971) - 8 points

=21. Hoffmann and Hoffmann - 'Rücksicht' (1983) - 10 points

=21. Conny Froboess - 'Zwei kleine Italiener' (1962) - 10 points


=17. Ann Sophie - 'Black Smoke' (2015) - 11 points

=17. Roman Lob - 'Standing Still' (2012) - 11 points

=17. Alex Swings Oscar Sings! - 'Miss Kiss Kiss Bang' (2009) - 11 points

=17. Silver Convention - 'Telegram' (1977) - 11 points

16. Levina - 'Perfect Life' (2017) - 13 points

= 14. S!sters - 'Sister' (2019) - 14 points

= 14. Guildo Horn - 'Guildo hat euch lieb!' (1998) - 14 points

13. Michael Schulte - 'You Let Me Walk Alone' (2018) - 16 points

12. Jendrik - 'I Don't Feel Hate' (2021) - 19 points

11. Stefan Raab - 'Wadde hadde dudde da?' (2000) - 20 points

(12 points from Colleen)

"Stefan Raab is a well known figure in Eurovision circles, much like Philipp Kirkorov and Ralph Siegel, but unlike Kirkorov and Siegel, his fun, lighthearted songs don't take themselves too seriously. This, for me, makes for a much more enjoyable viewing experience. I'm sure everyone watching in 2000 knew 'Wadde Hadde Dudde Da?' wasn't going to win, but viewers found joy in it, resulting in its deserved top 5 placing." ~ Colleen

Now on to the top 10 as voted by the Aussievision team!

10. Lena Valaitis - 'Johnny Blue' (1981) - 28 points

(8 points from Justin, 6 points from Dale and Mike)

"Lena Valaitis in my eyes can do no wrong. The schlager star performed this harmonica laden song impeccably. The song itself works so well with the German language with its borrowed English hooky chorus. A well put together and perfectly executed entry which was unlucky not to beat Bucks Fizz, finishing just four points behind the Eurovision legends." ~ Dale

9. Texas Lightning - 'No No Never' (2006) - 29 points

(8 points from Kyriakos and Hayley, 7 points from Steve)

"I love how different ‘No No Never’ is, it is great to see country music at Eurovision. It’s upbeat, you can’t help yourself but want to move along to this performance, whether tap your feet or sway side-to-side. Also the lead singer Jane Comerford is Australian. She has great charisma." ~ Kyriakos

8. Lena - 'Taken by a Stranger' (2011) - 34 points

(12 points from Kyriakos, 10 points from Justin)

"This song was so ahead of its time. It still is actually. It is great to see Lena evolve after winning the year before. The performance is epic." ~Kyriakos

7. Ben Dolic - 'Violent Thing' (2020) - 42 points

(12 points from Leith, 10 points from Emma)

"I was gutted when the 2020 Contest was cancelled, because I had been playing Violent Thing on repeat. The pitch of his voice would usually bother me but coupled with the almost disco funk tune running underneath, and the brass instruments that become more prominent with each chorus… *chef’s kiss* I would’ve loved to have witness the crowd on their feet to this." ~Leith

6. Cascada - 'Glorious' (2013) - 46 points

(10 points from Hayley and Mike, 8 points from Leith)

"I do really love the song, yes it is a little reminiscent to the winner from the year before, but ultimately the performance was classic Eurovision and to be honest a little hard done by. Should have finished higher!" ~ Mike

5. Mekado - 'Wir geben 'ne Party' (1994) - 49 points

(10 points from Fleur and Dale, 8 points from Colleen and John Christian)

The early 90s saw absolute snore fests from Germany but Mekado broke the mould with this uptempo, high energy and infectious number. The song is essentially about throwing a party and enjoying yourself, except for one section where the three argue over a man before forgetting about him and going for a dance. The trio perform it with such gusto that at time the choreography goes a little awry, but that's all part of the charm! ~Dale

4. Dschinghis Khan - 'Dschinghis Khan' (1979) - 52 points

(12 points from Fleur and Justin, 10 points from Steve, 8 points from Emma)

"A Japanese group covered the song, which I loved even before being remotely aware about the Contest. I knew it was a cover, but I didn't realize it was as deep a cut as it is considering the other entries Germany's had." ~Justin

"This is a classic. Ralph Siegel had arrived. Probably the earliest novelty song that most of us remember. I am not ashamed to say that I still listen to it. I absolutely love it. Perfect example of the golden era of the Eurovision Song Contest." ~Fleur

3. Nicole - 'Ein bißchen Frieden' (1982) - 56 points

(12 points from Dale, 8 points from Mike, 7 points from Justin and Kyriakos)

"This proves you don't need to be all bells and whistles to be a classic Eurovision winner! A simple song that is so well put together with an incredible melody and some understated hooks. Nicole delivers it perfectly and sings about (a little bit of) peace in the midst of the cold war and a separated Germany." ~Dale

2. Joy Fleming - 'Ein Lied kann eine Brücke sein' (1975) - 62 points

(12 points from Steve and Mike, 10 points from Kyriakos, 7 points from Hayley, Emma, Dale and Fleur)

"Powerful voice, belting melody, beautiful lyrics. Joy was woefully underrated and deserved so so much better." ~ Steve

1. Lena - 'Satellite' (2010) - 74 points

(12 points from John Christian, Hayley and Emma, 8 points from Olivia and Dale)

"Because it is a bubblegum pop song, on par with Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"" ~John Christian

"I can't go past's so catchy and sounded so different from all the other songs in 2010. It really brought the contest more in line with mainstream music that was in the charts at the time. There's something about Lena's performance and awkward dance moves that is so captivating you just want to vote for her. I always find myself singing along to 'Satellite' whenever it comes on and I never get sick of listening to it." ~Emma

"I will be the first to admit there isn't much substance to this song, but it is very clever song writing. The lyrics are so catchy and make a perfect little love song and they got the charismatic Lena to sing it. It is still in my favourites list and I never skip it, I just think its really great pop." ~Hayley

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