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  • Tim Everingham

Georgia: Iru releases her Eurovision 2023 song 'Echo'

Overnight, Georgian broadcaster GPB released their entry for Eurovision 2023, with Iru Khechanovi singing 'Echo'.

'Echo' is the 37th and final song release for Eurovision 2023.

You can check out the official music video below:

For 'Echo' Iru has worked with songwriter Giga Kukhiadnidze. Giga has previously written all three of Georgia’s Junior Eurovision winning songs. They include 'Bzz...' in 2008, 'Candy Music' in 2011 and 'Mzeo' in 2016.

Iru Khechanovi was selected as Georgia's artist after winning 'The Voice Georgia' earlier this year. She advanced from the semi-finals by performing the Eurovision 2014 winner 'Rise Like A Phoenix' and won the competition by singing the 2012 winner 'Euphoria'.

This will not be Iru Khechanovi's first Eurovision competition. She previously competed at Junior Eurovision in 2011 with the band Candy. The band would go on to win the Contest that year, giving Georgia it's second victory in Junior Eurovision. She also returned to the Contest in 2022 as a songwriter for the Georgian entry 'I Believe'.

Iru will compete in the second half of the semi-final 2 on May 11 in Liverpool for Eurovision 2023.

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