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Fans believe this is Montaigne’s Eurovision 2021 entry

As the 15th March deadline gets closer for each delegation to submit their Eurovision entries for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, the Eurovision fandom go into overdrive to find the songs each artist will be taking to Rotterdam for this years contest.

For months Australia’s Eurovision 2021 entrant Montaigne has teased us tidbits about her Eurovision song through her Twitch channel including a song written that was rejected by her team and that songwriting legend Diane Warren had shared a potential song with her for Rotterdam.

More recently the online Eurovision fandom have been keeping their attention on Montaigne’s TikTok video which she gives us a sneak peek of a recording session with the caption “trying to write a #eurovision song ... n lovin it #singing #montaigne #esc2021 #singer"

The TikTok snippet has now made it’s way to YouTube with the uploader referring to the snippet as Montaigne’s song ‘Technicolour’ and sharing that: ""Technicolour" showed up in music databases today and Jessica Cerro (Montaigne) and David Karam Hadad are listed in the credits.”

This is confirmed by a search on the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) database (our thanks to Australian fan Sharleen Wright for this).

So is it her Eurovision song?

Well Montaigne’s sneak peek song recording was uploaded on TikTok on January 14, a period of time where she had stated she was still making her mind up about her Eurovision entry.

Just over a week later on January 23 Montaigne announced through her Instagram stories that she had confirmed and chosen her Eurovision song.

So it is a possibility that ‘Technicolour’ is a potential candidate as Monatigne’s Eurovision 2021 song, but whether it is the final entry, is yet to be confirmed.

On 25 January Montaigne said of her choice:

“You may have heard that I have confirmed my Eurovision song. That’s very exciting to me. I can’t say anything more about it yet, I have been told not to but it’s very good. Just believe me when I say that. I'm very excited about it, I think it is going to lend itself to some cool visual stuff and to some nice energy amongst the people. And that’s all I have to say for now I think.”

The producer David Karam Haddad has connections with the Australian pop rock group Lime Cordiale.

He worked on their second album, ‘14 Steps To A Better You’, which recently won ‘Breakthrough Artists - Release’ at last years ARIA Awards. David Haddad helped contribute to the album.

He is from Hamilton, New Zealand but has relocated to Sydney. In an article with Ambient Light, Lime Cordiale explained that David helped pushed the band creatively, so creatively that they used a kazoo in their song ‘No Plans To Make Plans’, which you can hear after the three minute mark.

The group explain that as a producer David doesn’t have limits “nothing is too outrageous, nothing gets a no from him and often takes the quirky parts and makes them quirkier”

If David’s collaboration with Montaigne is true we could be in for a real treat with Monatigne’s Eurovision entry.

Montaigne has recently been announced as a performer at the Sydney Mardi Gras on 6 March.

The final deadline for songs to be submitted is at the Head of Delegations meeting on 15 March.

So whatever the case is, we'll have Australia's entry in a matter of weeks. We can't wait!


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