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"I'm very excited about it" Montaigne shares more about her Eurovision 2021 song

‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020’ winner and Australia’s 2021 Eurovision representative, Montaigne has revealed further details on her Eurovision 2021 song entry for Australia on her Twitch channel @actualmontaigne.

Over the weekend Montaigne shared on her Instagram stories: “I am on holidays with my wonderful boyfriend and we have confirmed my Eurovision song.”

In her Twitch broadcast she began by sharing where people can go to join Invasion Day marches. Invasion Day is on January 26, same day as Australia Day and represents the British occupation of Indigenous land. Invasion Day events are held across the country and often include protests and marches rejecting the celebration of Australia Day on this date and calling for sovereignty and social justice for Indigenous Australians.

In regards to the marches she said:

“I can’t personally go because I am doing a last minute Eurovision session to finish the song. But I am trying to encourage as many people as I can to go, so please go, if you can.”

She shared more about her Eurovision song:

“You may have heard that I have confirmed my Eurovision song. That’s very exciting to me. I can’t say anything more about it yet, I have been told not to but it’s very good. Just believe me when I say that. I'm very excited about it, I think it is going to lend itself to some cool visual stuff and to some nice energy amongst the people. And that’s all I have to say for now I think.”

She also revealed she “sussed out” some of the Eurovision songs already.

In late December Montaigne revealed that she received a call from none other than Diane Warren, the US songwriter who has written many No. 1 US Billboard Hot 100 hits, and was behind the Eurovision entry ‘It’s My Time’ for the United Kingdom back in 2009. Diane Warren has offered a song for Montaigne, but also on the table is a self-penned song which Montaigne is super keen on as well.

She also revealed then that 'JC Ultra', a song Montaigne flagged as a possible contender as her Eurovision 2021 entry, was "outlawed" by her team, "as it would be too challenging for an Eurovision audience". The song was about MK Ultra that brainwashing CIA program and the song centred on "a society of aliens that has a major music label as a front for a brain washing program where they try to brain wash potential music celebrities to go out and spout pro-alien propaganda and to try and help the aliens to integrate into human society better and covertly usurp human power."

We are super excited and cannot wait to see what Montaigne has in store for her Australian Eurovision 2021 entry!

There is no indication yet on the song name or release date from Montaigne or the Australian broadcaster SBS.

Montaigne was chosen to represent Australia at Eurovision 2021 after missing her chance in 2020. She won 'Australia Decides' with 'Don't Break Me' last year but the Contest was cancelled due to COVID-19.

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