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Eurovision Semi-Final 1 - Jury show review

Credit: EBU/Thomas Hanses

Early this morning the jury show of the first semi-final took place.

These performances are what each national jury vote on ahead of the live show for televoters tomorrow.

The jury show can make or break some contestants, so let's take a look at how the entries went:


Montaigne in the Green Room (credit: @actualmontaigne on Instagram)

First up let's talk about Australia. The live-on-tape performance looks great and most importantly sounds fantastic. Montaigne delivers her best vocal performance by far and this is something Australia can definitely be proud of.

It isn't announced at the start that we are doing a 'live-on-tape' but a subtle pan to the crowd at the end shows the performance on screen. We also saw a live-cross to Montaigne from the studios in Sydney.

Nailed it


Was there any doubt that Destiny would smash a jury performance? Of course not! She even had a second run through because of technical issues that none of us noticed, she is that professional. She looks great with a silver dress and dark boots, and delivers a fun performance and some great vocal moments. Potential semi-final jury winner.


Another nation that had a second run through due to technical issues. Go_A have been one of the most consistent performers of the week. The deadpan delivery, the strong vocals and the visual feast of the staging will capture attention.


The eye-catcher for juries of the first half. This is slick, well produced and Tusse delivered one of his best vocals. The running order suits this well and it looks like the "real deal" when it comes on. Juries will lap this up.

Lifted for the juries


Lithuania are always strong but the energy of a hungry live crowd took them to another level. Not necessarily a jury song but overall impression and their delivery will help boost up their score.


Easily Tix's best vocal yet. He nailed the big note at the end and the staging looks incredible. Without a good vocal it could be easy for juries to dismiss this. Won't be at the top of the heap, but he gave himself every chance to pick up some valuable juries points.


The glow-up for us at Aussievision. In rehearsals Albina has been struggling with the big notes but she hit them all tonight. Running order also really helps, from Cyprus onwards, it feels like the show really gets going and Croatia is right in that mix. Every chance to qualify.


Manizha is always good but she really delivered in front of the live crowd. Her staging shows the message of the song well and is so unique not to be forgotten.

Could be a struggle with juries


Certainly not a bad performance but in relation to the full 16 songs and the jury, this may struggle. Lesley's vocals were solid but the connection down the camera may not have come through super strong. This could easily pick up televotes tomorrow though with that impactful staging.


A song for the juries was a little overcooked. Not a bad vocal but she needed to smash it tonight to have any hope, and unfortunately she was probably at about 80-90%


Major technical issues the first run through, her second attempt was much improved. Much stronger than in rehearsals but in the second half of the song the movement does impact the vocals. Is the jury friendly song enough to help her through though?


Absolutely nothing wrong with the performance tonight, but it does feel a little flat in running order and compared to the full line-up looks to have an uphill battle to get the jury's attention.

Your country or favourite song not listed?

It means they did a great job! It was an incredible show and all 16 did a great job. These are just some of our ones to pick out.

The live semi-final will be broadcast tomorrow at 5:00am AEST on SBS.

Listen to our podcast review on the jury show here:



Or watch our video review here:


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